Swim in your Own Current

As a creative person and or a person in general we tend to not follow what we enjoy. By that I mean we follow what is so called trendy at the time. Then we conform our mentality and work to be cool. But don’t let me come across as I am saying it is bad.

What I am saying is that you should stay in your own lane. Staying in your own lane aka swimming in your own current. Instead of following doing what everyone else is doing do your own thing. There’s nothing wrong with following trends but if you do it your own way you’ll stand out more.

Which will show you basically putting your own mix on what is trendy. Then you’ll have people copying what you are doing. When people start copying you, you know that you are doing something right.

So do not be afraid to stay in your own lane and or swimming in your own current. The fear is nothing to be afraid of. Especially standing out and doing things your own way, that’ll be more fulfilling than just following what society puts upon you.

How to trust your judgement as a graphic designer

The judgment of not knowing if our work is good enough. The judgement of will the client like what we produced. The judgement of will the product I’ve sent out be received well.
The fear of not doing a good enough job is normal. You have to learn how to trust yourself and believe in your work. I know doing such a thing is difficult to do.

But overtime the more you began to trust yourself your judgement will be stronger. For example with venturing into a new field of creativity you first doubt your beginner pieces. Well I for one did doubt mine. Then overtime the more you practice and develop your confidence you began to know that looks good and what does not. By practicing and developing your skills your judgement gets stronger.

When your judgement gets stronger and you began to trust yourself, don’t be mean to other creative individuals. If you are critiquing work give them a solution on how it could be better. If they do not ask for a critique then keep it to yourself. I say such a thing because you do not know what are the options they had to work with and etc.

So with everything said you must trust yourself in your judgement. Therefore you will be able to have the trust of judgement from others.

The Fear of Creativity

The fear of losing creativity and the fear of losing it all has scared me. Till this day I still do get scared about losing my creativity. But I learned that creativity is not just a thing that will go away.  What I mean by that is creativity from my point of view it’s something that is constantly developed.
We all have creative abilities whether we’d like to believe it or not. There is a difference between those who continually use their creativity and those who don’t. You want to nurture your creativity and constantly improve it. If you don’t use your skills and or gifts they will not be of much use to you.

While fear may be such a strong thing to experience. Do your best to not let it bother you and hold you back.

How I became a more confident Graphic designer and you can too

Being a graphic designer or a creative person in general can be difficult to continue with. By that I mean it can be hard for one to stick with being creative and not let society beat it out of them. Because as creative people we have skills and talents in us that we can use. But we let the day to day grind deter us from embracing them.

When you have a skill that is not being used and or a talent its just being wasted. “The worst thing in the world is wasted talent” – A bronx tale. I for one fully believe that having wasted talent is the worst thing. Because if you just stick with it and are able to get through the year of hardships and doubt you will make it.

Now on to how I was was able to become a more confident graphic designer. The way I was able to become a more confident graphic designer was by believe in the work that I was doing. By believing in the work it made it more fun. Also realizing that I had done the best that I could. But not thinking “oh if I do this and that’ll be my best”. Which in actuality that is not the case. Just because you work hard on certain projects doesn’t mean you gave it your best.

Because if you work at an agency or wherever you know how hard you need to work on projects. But you have to ask yourself “did I actually go even further to make sure not all of my work is looking the same?”.

Then the other way that I was able to become more confident was the steady stream of wanting to improve and learning everything I could. Another thing was realizing what I sucked at. There are ton’s of resources available to learn from. Also to help you actually get better. Just because you went to design school art school or whatever you call it, that does not mean you are the top of the line.

Becoming more confident takes time and its not instant. If you are a non confident person then you have to get out of your comfort zone. You do not have to do things that are creative to become a more confident designer. Main thing is to get out of your comfort zone and continuously push yourself day to day.

NO I don’t take Exposure as payment


As creatives we can be tricked verbally into the saying of you’ll get so much exposure. When you get exposure you’ll get more clients and etc. But to be honest this trick never works in most situations. Then which will lead us to being in situations that end up being negative for both parties involved.

What I want to say is do not involve yourself in situations that you feel as if you are going to be taken advantage of. The value of your skill and work does not mean you should accept pennies for payment or nothing at all. You have to remember you create your own value of your work.

If you feel as if “I have to take whatever I can get” then you will get whatever you can whether its little low paying jobs here and there. Especially if you are working as a freelancer you are running a business. You want to focus on should I accept projects and if I do accept this project is it going to be worth my time.

Exposure is a double edge sword at times. You’d be damn if you do damned if you don’t. With situations that people want to pay you in exposure think of it in regards to would it be a good use of my time. Remember you cannot eat with exposure nor pay your bills.

Dealing with Depression as a creative Person

Depression is something that a lot of us experience. I am not going to pretend as if I do not experience the symptoms of what depression is. You have to be more in control of your feelings and how to not let them determine what your results will be. Especially when you are doing things and not seeing many results if any.

Which can lead to feeling as if “why are good things not happening to me?” Then you begin to question other things in your life. Which then would lead to even more feelings of depression. You have to not let your feelings determine how you will end up. Develop more control over your mind and emotions.

You have to remember that there is no need for you to be so hard and down on yourself. Our brain can either be our destroyer or our best companion. One thing I learned from Listening to David Foster wallace was that when people commit suicide more or less they shoot themselves in the head.

So just take time to think how much your life would change if you stopped feeling sorry for yourself and fought through the depression and go to work. Whenever I experience feelings of depression coming into my mind I get to work. If i’m just sitting around wasting time I make sure I am learning something or doing whatever I can to improve my skills and move closer to my ultimate goals.

Remember  when you feel as no one supports you or they do not understand they are not meant to understand. You don’t need to quit or give up. Prove to yourself that you are  capable as a designer, artist or business person to do whatever you set out to do. But be honest with yourself and realize that its going to take hard work and its not going to be easy.

Believe in yourself and Your Design work

When we you start out in anything you have to believe in yourself. I experience this time and time again that believing in yourself and work is key. As a creative person we can doubt our work like no one else can. We tend to fall into the same habits of doing what is easy.

The way that I have gain belief in my work is to trust myself. I trust myself and the process that I go through completion of the work. I had learned that as long as the work is 95% complete in regards to my terms it will be just right. The 95% completion of the work will be as close as it can get to 100%.

I say that because there is nothing out there that is 100% complete. The reason is because there is always something that can be improved or has room for improvement. Being self aware of this is allowed me to develop a stronger belief in my work and myself.

Family, friends, coworkers and whomever do not have to believe in your work. The reason I say that is because its your work! No one has to do anything for you your life is your life. If your clients do not like your work then it could be, a number of things.

With all of this sad believe in yourself even when no one does. If you are not getting clients or making sales of your artwork keep at it. The amount of information out there is endless on you becoming better than you already are. When you start improving and getting better you will learn how much of an impact it can be on you.