Being Grateful even after Job Rejection

Being able to stay grateful even after going through multiple job rejections to secure a position as a graphic designer. But I will have to say at times it was very hard to stay grateful for all that I have accomplished and will accomplish. Some may take this post as “Maybe you just have not tried hard enough”.

Well let me tell you first I have and will continue to be a positive well rounded motivated designer. I just know that this journey that I am on is for a reason. The dream that many designers have of working full time at an agency I have learned is now what seems like a fantasy. Simply saying that from how I have watched the industry simply reject applications over and over again. As well as have designers do useless “Tests” as part of the application.

I am saying all of this that it can definitely demotivate someone who’s eyes became wide open when they found out what graphic design is. The way that we can stay grateful is from all of the what seems like doors being shut in our face is to first learn what we stand for.

By knowing what you stand for is what will help you not feel like “Man I missed out on that Job” Or I thought I crushed that Job interview. Then thinking I don’t understand why they didn’t give me a call back. When I first went through these situations I did not know how to deal with them at first. In the moment I had to say to myself “don’t get bitter get better” and listen to yourself.

While you may be upset with rejection after what seems like rejection its a better approach to be grateful that you got your foot in the door enough to even have an interview. Because there are many people who will not and or never make it as far as you have. Remember that a lot of things are a marathon. I realized that what separates me from other designers is me and who I am as a person.

Being confident is the first step to being grateful even after rejection. Because if you are a confident person you know that its only a matter of time that you will have another opportunity and etc. So don’t dwell in the rejection keep trying and using different methods to achieve what you desire. You can do it and you can also learn to be grateful.