A part of my process

Here’s how I go about working on a Calligraphy/Brush lettering piece.


Getting featured on periscope while streaming calligraphy


The past week I had tried out streaming my morning practice sessions on periscope. Because if you don’t follow me on snapchat and Instagram you’d know I post what I’m working on every morning (most of the time ). I loved how it happened organically and I wasn’t fully awake and aware what getting featured meant.
Because I was just hanging out with friends and just doing what I usually do. Then I get a notification saying you’ve been featured and then another saying that periscopetv has retweeted your stream.
Immediately I got nervous and was thinking to hard about what I was doing. Because imagine going from having like 5-6 people viewing then it goes up to 80 then 100 in a matter of minutes. Something like that happening was great for me to see. I say that it was great to get featured and I’m thankful for periscope taking the time to do such a thing for me.
There honestly is nothing I did to get featured other than stayed consistent with streaming and just having fun.
You shouldn’t be so focused on having immediate success. Just focus on building one brick at a time. While building you have to have patience.

Free Valentines Day Card


This is a free Custom Valentines day card. I hope you have a very wonderful valentines day even if you are not spending with anyone other than yourself.

Download is no longer available



How to critique calligraphy work pt 2

Here is part two of the two part series I created on how to critique calligraphy work. This a way that I go about critiquing the calligraphy work that I do. The process of learning how to see the fine details and why something is working vs not working takes time to develop such a skill.


How to critique Calligraphy work

Critiquing calligraphy is something that I feel is learned by more practice. Also learning how to see little details of you work better with each piece. One major thing is learning how to see different angles that your pen should be at while constructing each letter.

Another thing is being able to see the spacing that is needed between each letter. Because if you are writing a word and the letters are crashing into each other it will not be a solid piece. This video is part one of a two part series of me explaining how to critique calligraphy work.


Pilot Parallel Pen Review


One of the very early calligraphy tools that I purchased was the pilot parallel pens you see in this video. The parallel pens are used to do gothic and italic calligraphy. I had became more interested in gothic and italic calligraphy than copperplate to be exact.

The Pilot parallel pens are great and very useful. I love the ease of changing the cartridges and how they function.