Don’t Stop Working when the Work Stops

As a creative who freelances outside of a day job, it can be difficult at times to keep working when our work stops coming. This quote is one that I heard while listening to the perspective podcast. I’ve always been the type to continue working and creating. Because having the right mentality about improving and creating is whats most important.

Whenever we have clients and are creating work it gives us a sense of purpose and a good feeling. The feeling of knowing we will be paid for what we are creating. Not knowing whether the products we create will actually be purchased scares many. Also being open to learning how to sell products efficiently.

Because whenever the work stops coming you can learn what you have always wanted to. Such as if you are currently a video editor and you want to learn how to design logos, You can do just that. Another thing is that you can also create self projects. The project that you have actually wanted to do but you put it off to pay the bills.

While I mention paying bills there is nothing wrong with paying your bills. But you should not get comfortable with not having any work coming in. There is something you are not doing which is the reason why you have the work not coming in. Maybe its a new connection you have to make and or go to an event. Possibly even make the phone call you have been thinking about.

Making sure you have the right mental state is one thing to not forget. This whole Marathon that we all are on in our lives and careers is to not forget to take care of ourselves. Taking care of yourself inside and outside makes working when the work stops easier to continue.