Dealing with Rejection

Dealing with Rejection is something that I am thankful I learned how to deal with professionally. When it comes to feeling rejected it can be one thing that upsets you and or motivates you. When applying for a Job and you get the automated response that they have chosen another candidate its best to take it in stride and move on. Because I know we have the skills required to do the job and more.

There are many people out there that are willing to give us the opportunity. Better than wait for that opportunity make your own. Take the time to learn business, marketing and how to network and also selling products. There are many ways for a person to achieve their desired goals. Instead of waiting and hoping learn how to develop your skills to become more desirable.

Once you become more desirable know your worth and do not sell yourself short. By agreeing to take less than you know you should be earning. For example if you have the documented proof showing that you know what you are talking about there’s no wiggle room for them to short change you. Because there’s documented proof of hours upon hours of you perfecting your craft.

Personal rejection is I feel a thing that is dependent upon the overall person. A great example is how someone talks with someone they are interested in. If they get rejected sometimes they get upset and say rude things to and or about the person. The same thing can go for when you are working professionally with a harsh client. If you get your work rejected do not get upset and curse out the person.

Look inside first at yourself and think about how to handle it without getting upset. I talk about this because I have experienced rejection in many forms. At first I used to let my emotions control my response. Then I learned to stop and use my head to make smarter decisions. Nothing gets accomplished when you get angry and forceful.

Embrace rejection to motivate you and inspire you to pursue more. If someone rejects you for a job apply for another and if that client rejects your work talk with them on how to accomplish their desired goal.