How to be confident as a new designer

Being a new designer in the industry our work does not match our confidence. I say that because we know that we have what it takes. But it can be disheartening feeling as if we are not getting any chances. Which then will have an effect on our confidence.
The way we are able to get past that is to decide that you are going to focus on getting better. Better in every way possible and study as well to perfect your craft. The process will be enjoyed as well with the studying.
The point where we learn to enjoy the process will have one thinking about the design industry differently. Therefore at the same time it will help you find your why. The why is what will drive you to continue.
One major thing is to diminish the feel of feeling like an imposter. This is so bothersome in a sense of you know what you are doing and that you have skills in it, but you feel like you don’t.The way to get over this is to push through that feeling. Because there are people who are just as talented and or less talented than you who are confident.

You’ll see people creating classes and etc then think to yourself what makes the so confident that they are good enough for that. We’ll its because they know they are capable of doing it and not afraid to take the risk. The self doubt is just apart of the process to getting your confidence up. Once you learn how to deal with it the rest will come to you.

Confidence is not just something that comes naturally to people. Being a person who has a character that will be able to deal with the things that try and break us down. Remember you have to believe and listen to yourself. Your gut will lead you in the right direction.