Don’t Destroy your Own Creativity


The amount of Creativity we have in us can get destroyed by us. The reason I say that is because there are many times when we do not listen to our gut. Instead of listening to our gut we do what is safe. Then we fail later on to believe in what we know that we are capable of doing. Our creativity has to be nourished and cared for.

When we are working diligently towards a goal that uses our creativity we can think that it is going to not lead to anything. I learned that your wave is coming just give it time. Give your wave time to form. Because the process and journey is what will make the difference. We have to realize that this is a marathon.

There is no shortcut to achieving a goal. You can try to cheat and take shortcuts but there is no strength or validity to keep you where you have arrived. The days of working on that project you have took on to do for your portfolio to try and get that job and or product you’ve created to sale will be worth it. There is someone out there and an agency that will employ you.

I’ve learned that to be the truth from many experiences. Being difficult to not destroy my own creativity and what I am capable of. The saying that we our own worst enemy is the truth. The way that we think as a person determines a lot. Getting inside of your own head and not believing it will ever work out for you is what will happen.

When you stay determined as a creative and believe in yourself you’ll start to see things working in your favor. By that I mean the nights and days you work towards a goal you will be able to get closer to it and then eventually it will be achieved..