The Benefits of Skateboarding and how it helped me

The benefits of skateboarding are pretty large. I say that because skateboarding can teach someone what it takes to achieve something. Because there are many times that a person will be scared. By being scared I mean scared to the point of shaking and hesitating.

Being scared is something that we will always encounter in our life. The thing we tend to learn later on is how to deal with that fear. Whenever I get scared or hesitant about something in my life I use what I learned skateboarding. There are many other things I could have done but skateboarding found me.

The other thing that skateboarding taught me was how to connect with people. I say that because skateboarders come from all walks of life. But when you are on your board with your friends none of that matters. You can be the best dressed skateboarder but if you have a crappy personality and are rude you’ll be more likely to not have any friends to skateboard with.

The creativity that street skateboarding requires is like no other. Street skateboarding requires you to see something out of nothing. Riding around the streets and or your city to find spots to skateboard. There could be a school with steps and a church with a handrail. Also there could be a ledge in front of a gas station or bank.

Being in tune with your environment helps. Till this day even though I do not skateboard other than riding a cruiser around I look at the city differently. Therefore I translate that into my designing. Because to me creating something out of nothing is fun.

Seeing the progression in our work is another enjoyment. Seeing how far something and or someone who wasn’t as good as they are now is great to see. Because we know that there are countless hours of working that no body will see. Once we are ready we put it out there and show everyone what we have.