The Reason I love Calligraphy

First off I’d like to say I started learning calligraphy seriously about 4 years. I will never forget one of my professors in college telling me I have terrible hand skills. Because if she did not tell me that I’d probably would not have improved to the level I am at now.The documenting of my calligraphy work has been fun.

The way we see our work improving in all aspects is invigorating. Also learning to stop being so hard on our self is not an easy thing to do. I learned that I am hard on myself because I expect more from myself.

Calligraphy has taught me how to layout my typography work a lot better than before. Also learning stronger how to apply the principles of hierarchy as well. I did learn these skills in design school, but there is a difference between a classroom and then applying it to the real world applications.

Calligraphy taught me to not settle for the first attempt and if its good do one more. As well as to slow down and focus on the task at hand. There’s many times we have so many ideas. The flooding of ideas can be overwhelming and cause someone to get lost and not finish much.But the main thing is to not get lost with creating and not finishing what you start.