Focus on Getting better Not Bigger

This is a quote I heard recently from the Creative Peptalk podcast. When I first heard it I was at a loss for words. The reason why is because I focused so much on getting bigger instead of better. The aspect of having a lot of followers has been a thing that many of us want. When in actuality we should focus on getting better.

Because the idea of focusing on getting better is more important. Those who focus on getting more followers than having better work will have catching up to do. The reason why I focused so much more on producing better work is because I know I am producing great work. Having confidence in your work is what makes the difference.

There’s nothing wrong with being confident, but being a cocky asshole makes no sense. Because we all start somewhere and have produced sub-par work. But lets not get off topic here and stay focused.

There have been times on instagram that I am shocked by the amount of followers people have. But then I do a little digging and realize that they either know how to market themselves well and or they are caught up in the numbers. Because its easy to see who’s caught up in the numbers and appearing bigger than they actually are. The like to follower ratio is the giveaway.

Focusing on producing better work and dedicating yourself to being better than those with bigger followings will allow you to have leverage. I say leverage because whenever you have someone come across your work they will be in love. The main thing with all of this is to not forget that you have to share you work. Do not be afraid to do such a thing. Because I know that you have work many people would love to see.



How to deal with a logo rejection professionally

Whenever you are working on a logo design for a client you have to be prepared for them to either accept it or reject it. But the main thing is to do your best and go above and beyond. Even though you may want to just do it last minute and half ass the work don’t.

You have to think that this work I am doing is going to be saw by many different types of people. You also want to think of many different factors of the overall use of the logo. If you are creating logos for a client and not thinking of the various ways it will be used then you should start.

Because this is the first thing you should be thinking about before you even have the first call/conversation with the client. Remember that you can create the most detailed logo in the world and it will get rejected. Also it may be beautiful to you but it just does not meet the clients requirements.

Knowing that we put so much time and energy into our work and then to have it rejected can make us upset. So what if it makes you upset you should realize that being professional is what is most important. Also its part of the client service business industry.

The steps to handling a logo rejection properly starts with

  1.  Do no get offended by that the client says when they reject your logo.
  2. Take time and reflect to learn what you could do better next time
  3. go back over your sketches and see where you could’ve improved
  4. Ask yourself did you show a visual representation of the logo in use? (this is something I am going to start doing. I did not to do it and realized that was such a stupid thing to do.
  5. Ask the client what could we do to make this work? ( Only do this if the situation permits)
  6. Move and continue working and improving your designs

Rejections should not determine how our work is going to turn out with future clients. So do not let the emotions of rejection make you out of character and be unprofessional.

Why your agency is making the mistake by not hiring a Junior designer

The reason why your agency is making the mistake not hiring a junior graphic designer is because you are missing out being able to mold someone into a better designer. Don’t get me wrong I know that not everyone is capable of being taught things. The ego’s that we have as humans can affect us. There are somethings that agencies miss out on time and time again.

I for one know that I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to be the best designer possible no matter how hard the work is I’m willing to get it done. Also I know that are other graphic designers out there who are just as willing or even more willing than I am. Just think for a second how many times you are missing that talent by brushing them off and sending the automated email of you did not meet the qualifications and never explaining why they were not qualified.

The studio and or agency that you have can use new life into it. Because I’m sure you’ve had graphic designers that have been at the company for a very long time who are just going through the motions of the job. The main reason why you may not hire just any graphic designer is because you are scared. Or you could say there’s no reason for me to take time to get someone up to speed with the company and spend the time nor money.

Junior Graphic designers have heart and are more than willing to join your studio/agency. The new life that your agency will have hiring new designers will be worth it. But do not get me wrong I know that there are going to be crappy designers/ special. You just have to think long term and not short term.

Because if you are not thinking long term in regards to the life of your agency/ studio I am pretty sure the well which you pull from will dry up. Then results will show further down the line. So why would you not want to have fresh talent in your organization?

Give more of yourself in your work


This may be a hard thing for some people to do. But you have to take the time to think what would happen if I gave more of myself in my work. The results would be greater than you could imagine. By that I mean if you started giving 120 instead of 100% in your work you would feel a lot better about it.

As a graphic designer we can tend to become lazy and set in our ways. Because when someone has a way they go about doing things they do not want to try anything new. The mentality is if something isn’t broke why fix it.

Well if you are not afraid of trying something new it could be a good thing for you. The way to give more all starts with you making the decision. You have to say I am not going to keep being average and that I will learn more than what I already know. The amount of information that we have access to there is no reason to not continue to improve and learn.

A good place to start is skillshare. I had found out about skillshare early last year. Skillshare is a great way to get started. Because on there they have curated classes that are not just all over the place. They have a recent promotion where you can sign up for 3 months at $.99 one of the very first classes I took was poster design class.

Then I found out aaron draplin from DDC has classes on there. Learning from him and how he works has helped me a lot and it continues to help. Therefore it has allowed me to give more in my design work. The process is what you can learn from a lot of people and use their techniques to give more in your design work.

There is no need for any of us to not be able to give more in our work. By giving more I mean to give more of yourself in what you do. Avoid falling into the trap of being comfortable with just doing what is required. Remember why be average when we can be great?

How I lost my vectored calligraphy work

The way that I lost my calligraphy/ brush lettering work was by being careless. There was one day that I what I thought I did was transferred the files from my macbook to my external hard drive. Which I did. But you know what I did not do. I wasn’t being careful while doing it.

I just thought oh yeah this is the same as its always been. So I know that I transferred my work to the external hard drive so why double check .Well there was one day that I did check and realized that there was none of the files that I had vectorized.

I was upset at first just thinking how in the hell can I be so careless with such a simple thing. The reason I was upset more than just a little bit was because I am not a newbie to any of this. Just think of how such a simple thing can mess up a major project and etc. So the reason I am sharing this is to let you know that we all make mistakes.

The idea of double checking your work and etc is key. There is no need to think at any point in your career or life that you are top notch. Well the reason I say this is because you can make a simple mistake and Fuck up something or somethings very important.

So from all of this I am now even more careful with the process and way I go about doing things. I for one will make sure that this will not happen again. Because at first I was hurt about it but then just thought you know you have the hard copies so why are you upset just take this as a learning experience.


Learning New Techniques to help improve design work

If you have not been following me on instagram I have been learning calligraphy for over 2+ years. I also have done custom logos for various clients. The things that I learned in school I realized that they were good for the time I was in school.  Because there becomes a time when you should have left it behind and found a better technique.

An amazing technique I learned was how to properly use anchor points to vectorize lettering. Before I would plot anchor points and it would take me forever. But thankfully I found a video on youtube explaining how to properly use them. I must say after I was just sitting there thinking wow so this is how its done.

Because it was a technique that I was comfortable doing and one that I had learned awhile ago. Compared to the new one that I learned was as if  light bulb turned on in my head. I must say I came across this video which was perfect timing. Especially since I have been learning calligraphy for so long.

This is my first attempt at using this technique. I was blown away by how much quicker it was for me to do this compared to the way before I would’ve went about doing this.

This is the video below that I came across which taught me one of the best ways to go about getting clean vectorized versions of your calligraphy, lettering work.