Happy with the New Design and a few new things


I am so happy that I was able to find a template that would allow me to have my site designed how I felt would be the strongest. Also to have a template that can stand the test of time. Because there would be no reason for me to change my site every couple of months.

Anyhow there is something else that I am going to start doing here. I am going to start selling posters that I make. Right now I have a society 6 But I am looking into other alternatives for selling my work. Also doing limited runs of each poster and other possible items. If you have any that you’d recommend please let me know. (Would big cartel be a good alternative?)


Overrated designers

We all have many designers out there that we enjoy seeing their work, hearing them talk and etc. I feel that within that cycle there are other designers who get forgotten about. Because well some are looking for the fame. While others really could care less about it.

If you take time to appreciate the work of many people instead of just one, you will be open to appreciating more types of design. A prime example is movies in regards to who directs them and etc. Sure there are plenty of directors that are probably overrated but don’t think about that for a second.

Just think about if you only watched movies from one certain director and nobody else. There would many different types of movies you would miss and fail to appreciate. So to keep this short even if you think that he/she does awesome work of some kind go to behance or instagram and you find someone who does work just as good. Always keep your eyes open to other peoples work and approaches they take.

You should design often

When starting out being a designer we are not told of the importance of designing often. But you may or may not have been told that you need to do it often. Many times it is easy to see in someones work quality. The same thing can be said in just about any profession.

After listening to the audiobook from Robert Greene called Mastery, I learned a lot about the discipline and dedication many people have to become masters of their craft.  One of the many amazing examples was Leonard da vinci. I was blown away when they said that Leonardo never went to art school or was ever taught about art.

I’m not sure if you have heard about the 10,000 hour rule to become a master of your craft. Instead of working for 8 hours not really getting anything done. You could dedicate at least 2 solid hours a day of working. So that means every single day of the week.

If you have something that you want to design start today doing it. You can say I don’t have time or whatever but that is the excuse that many people use. But if you start you’ll be glad you did a year from now.

Learn about all forms of design

One of the most valuable things that I started doing a couple of weeks ago is learning about all forms of design. The main reason is that it has helped me grasp a better understanding of design as a whole. Whether it’s in architecture, interior design, product design, web design they all have taught me something about design.

Because before I would just focus on learning as much as I can about graphic design and that did not really help me to gain a broader understanding of how designing works. So I would suggest to whether your already a designer or just starting out learning about all forms of design can help you to learn how to approach a project. Since all of the forms I mentioned have a different approach that is need to solve each problem.

For example the Wright Brothers studied birds when they were building their Airplane, Da vinci studied nature and the human body. The list could go on and on the main thing is up to you to find out how to improve the quality of work your doing and or to educate yourself to become more knowledgeable.

Buying Vintage Design Work

I started a couple of months buying vintage advertisements. To me owning a piece of design history is such a wonderful thing.

The other day I was reading the book Just My type and there was a situation where a man was claiming to be selling a vintage piece from the time when slavery was still around. Matthew Carter knew it was fake because of the font that was on the poster. Once I read that I was in shock.

But it makes perfect sense to pay attention to the typeface and that reminds me of the quote from Jim Rohn when he said There are no new fundamentals. You’ve got to be a little suspicious of someone who says, “I’ve got a new fundamental.” That’s like someone inviting you to tour a factory where they are manufacturing antiques.

Why you will never achieve what you’ve always wanted.

When I was 18 years old I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. There were times when I felt as if I was just existing for no real purpose.  I know I’m not the person who has dealt with those type of feelings. We all have a choice to remain as we are or to become more then we are.

Many people say they want to achieve certain things in their life, but the real thing that will shape their life is if they take action. A great quote that I heard from Jim Rohn recently is “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge you’ll become a fool. Let your Learning lead to action and you can become wealthy” .

For example being a designer and producing work that you know does not fit your standards can push you or stop you to become what you all that you can. I do the best that I can to stay positive and push through the work till you get better. The main question you have to ask yourself is do I want to become more and do I want to have more. Nowadays there is no reason for anyone to have  little knowledge about their chosen field. We have the internet that has loads of free information that can teach you anything.

I’ll leave you with this

“The Key to your better future is you – Jim Rohn”

David Carson – The End Of Print

This is a very interesting video I stumbled across on Youtube. I’m guessing this is an experimental video david carson made. It’s very interesting to see how the typography comes in and out of the screen. I’m not sure but it looks as if this was made before finalcut and other video editing programs were well known and made.

Dealing With Clients that have no Idea what they want


Ever since I’ve began my career in freelancing I’ve dealt with clients that have no idea what they want at all. They also will have no idea what their budget is.

So if your ever in a similar situation always remember to ask questions.

Step one

Ask your client about their business

Step two

Ask them why they are in business (besides to make money and be their own boss)Also ask what their budget is for the project. Do not feel afraid to tell them your real rates because selling yourself short will be a disaster.

Then after you’ve finished asking your questions move onto other things involving a design for them. I learned the hard way its easy to come to a meeting with a client and talk and talk and talk then you’ll never get anything accomplished from the meeting.  You really want to focus on understanding the client, their business and the place where they work and the people who work there.

Understanding a client and their business is one major thing I feel is what will enable you to produce the best design possible.

Remember to listen then ask questions and then never forget to understand where they are coming from. Also remember what it was like before you became a designer and how you viewed the world around you. Don’t forget to do whatever you can to put together some sort of brief for you and the client.

Aaron Draplins 50 ways to ruin your career


These 50 ways to ruin your career will help you more then you can imagine. They are also great life skills that many never get taught until they find out through many different life situations.

1. Enjoy the goddamned moment
2. Love where you are from
3. Move somewhere wild
4. Frequent eateries that use decimal points in their menus
5. Know Your Fucking Condiments
6. Get out there and get dirty
7. And then, share what you find
8. Work with yer friends
9. Know yer tools and be thankful they exist
10. Go wherever they’ll send you
11. Shed any goddamned sense of entitlement
12. Provide proof of bonafide graphic art existence using multimedia
13. Fight for the long dogs
14. Lose the crutch
15. Exhibit a little humility
16. Quit spending yer money on bullshit
17. Be wary of certain business professionals
18. Pay of those fucking school loans already
19. Laugh at stuff
20. Turn yer back on organized sports
21. Dreamp up a plan
22. Get cosmic
23. Take color theory seriously
24. Make room for some magic
25. Say what you mean
26. Get it on vinyl
27. Be ready for when they call you up to the big leagues
28. Learn an instrument
29. Be the client
30. Go by car
31. Know what really matters in the end
32. Buy things made in America
33. Question stuff constantly
34. Know who’s got the power
35. Collect cool shit
36. Grab yer social media by the throat
37. Savor the little stuff
38. Support yer local rock bands
39. Know all the shades of being “professional”
40. Don’t worry about awards
41. Quit saying the word, “dude”
42. Make big ass posters
43. Go pantless
44. Get free
45. Treat the UPS guy, mail lady and printing pressman like they are gold
46. Know what you love
47. And don’t forget about the things you hate
48. Learn to roll with the good, bad and the ugly.
49. Work hard and love this shit
50. Be thankful for everything

Image rights belong to Garry Reiger