Dealing With Clients that have no Idea what they want

Ever since I’ve began my career in freelancing I’ve dealt with clients that have no idea what they want at all. They also will have no idea what their budget is.

So if your ever in a similar situation always remember to ask questions.

Step one

Ask your client about their business

Step two

Ask them why they are in business (besides to make money and be their own boss)Also ask what their budget is for the project. Do not feel afraid to tell them your real rates because selling yourself short will be a disaster.

Then after you’ve finished asking your questions move onto other things involving a design for them. I learned the hard way its easy to come to a meeting with a client and talk and talk and talk then you’ll never get anything accomplished from the meeting.  You really want to focus on understanding the client, their business and the place where they work and the people who work there.

Understanding a client and their business is one major thing I feel is what will enable you to produce the best design possible.

Remember to listen then ask questions and then never forget to understand where they are coming from. Also remember what it was like before you became a designer and how you viewed the world around you. Don’t forget to do whatever you can to put together some sort of brief for you and the client.