Learn about all forms of design

One of the most valuable things that I started doing a couple of weeks ago is learning about all forms of design. The main reason is that it has helped me grasp a better understanding of design as a whole. Whether it’s in architecture, interior design, product design, web design they all have taught me something about design.

Because before I would just focus on learning as much as I can about graphic design and that did not really help me to gain a broader understanding of how designing works. So I would suggest to whether your already a designer or just starting out learning about all forms of design can help you to learn how to approach a project. Since all of the forms I mentioned have a different approach that is need to solve each problem.

For example the Wright Brothers studied birds when they were building their Airplane, Da vinci studied nature and the human body. The list could go on and on the main thing is up to you to find out how to improve the quality of work your doing and or to educate yourself to become more knowledgeable.