Overrated designers

We all have many designers out there that we enjoy seeing their work, hearing them talk and etc. I feel that within that cycle there are other designers who get forgotten about. Because well some are looking for the fame. While others really could care less about it.

If you take time to appreciate the work of many people instead of just one, you will be open to appreciating more types of design. A prime example is movies in regards to who directs them and etc. Sure there are plenty of directors that are probably overrated but don’t think about that for a second.

Just think about if you only watched movies from one certain director and nobody else. There would many different types of movies you would miss and fail to appreciate. So to keep this short even if you think that he/she does awesome work of some kind go to behance or instagram and you find someone who does work just as good. Always keep your eyes open to other peoples work and approaches they take.