Master the moment

Master the moment in whatever it is that you are doing. You do not want take the time to waste it doing nothing.  Because this is something that I have learned being a designer. At times that is something that is easy to do.

We as people can get comfortable in the aspect of doing nothing. I for one was being lazy with vectorizing and putting new work on my instagram. When honestly I really enjoyed the aspect of posting work daily and documenting my progress. I will admit that it was a relief to have a few days off of posting.

I did not want to end up burning out and fading away. The whole aspect of running a marathon and doing all of it for the long term. Also realizing that even though I am not getting the same amount of likes and etc as others it doesn’t matter. I just think about how gary vaynerchuk mentioned he wasn’t getting any views on his youtube videos but he kept putting them out.

So you want to master the moments. When you keep the right mentality you will realize that mastering the moments do not take a lot of effort. By that I meant it will become normal to you.

With all of this said make sure to do your best to master the moments of your life and to not take them for granted. Which means in a simple way saying to not waste time and be more vigilant


You attract the type of energy you put out

whether you believe it or not the type of energy you project is what you attract. If you are focusing on the possibility of not having enough you will keep getting that. Also the same if you are not confident in dealing with clients and etc you will not have control.

By not having control you will not have the confidence in your ability to deal with them in a professional manner. The same thing goes if you are selling products and basically any other thing. If you are not the type to believe in what you are selling who else will. Also you have to be proud of what you are selling.

Being proud of what you are, what you are doing and all that you do. Project the type of energy that you would like to receive in your life. The time that you spend on things that matter will not benefit you so redirect that to what you do want.

Break your limiting beliefs

Your beliefs about everything you are doing as a designer can be limiting you. You can think oh I’ll never get any clients. I’ll never be able to find a job as a graphic designer. But you are only destroying your belief about those things.

I can speak from experience that I had those limits on myself. After realizing that you do deserve to be able to have those clients and you do deserve to be doing what you are passionate about. This can also be in relation to playing the victim role. Because a lot of people who go to college and graduate then are not able to find a job they play the victim role.

Which playing the victim is so easy to do. You have to get up off your ass and make things happen. The professors and everyone around you are not going to make your dreams happen. If you want to have clients and or get a Graphic design job what are you doing to make it happen. Watching netfilx and or Youtube videos all day is not going to help you.

The low self esteem sets in from getting comfortable. Then from not wanting to take the initiative  to make things happen. You have to blame no one but yourself for your results. If you are not doing what you said you will do its all up to you.

Break your limiting beliefs as a graphic design by pushing yourself and be honest with yourself even if it hurts.

Why you will not achieve success overnight

The reason is because you are not able to get famous instantly. Anyone whom you see that is all of sudden famous happens because they have been more so been working towards that. Also a lot of people whom you’d say seem to be overnight sensations well that’s what they are just sensations. Then after they tend to fade away.

How many of the people whom came into the spotlight instantly seemed to stay there? Well they may have kept those whom are interested in them more or less. The point is that they did not sustain that.  Maybe that was what they expected to happen in regards to people knowing them and being a fan.

The journey to being what you would call successful is long days, nights of working and working. Then the times of feeling like quitting until you are able to reach your goal. The other thing is having the people around you not support you or try to tell you what they would feel best for you. While your listening you know in your heart that its not for you and you push through it.

While you are working whether its on a startup, a project for a client or producing work to share on your instagram you have to stay Focused. If you are not someone who has a strong mental bearing for the negative people in your life and doubters you may just end up falling into a career or job that you did not want to be doing. Learn to listen to yourself.

You have to discipline yourself to the aspect of the burning of ships and having no retreat aspect. In relation to I’m going to do this no matter what. Do not think that you will not fail while pursuing success, because you will. When you are failing it means that you are working and actually trying.

So remember this develop a strong mental state to deal with negative naysayers, learn from failure and stay focused and work your butt off (Work hard), and stay dedicated.

Why you will never achieve what you’ve always wanted.

When I was 18 years old I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. There were times when I felt as if I was just existing for no real purpose.  I know I’m not the person who has dealt with those type of feelings. We all have a choice to remain as we are or to become more then we are.

Many people say they want to achieve certain things in their life, but the real thing that will shape their life is if they take action. A great quote that I heard from Jim Rohn recently is “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge you’ll become a fool. Let your Learning lead to action and you can become wealthy” .

For example being a designer and producing work that you know does not fit your standards can push you or stop you to become what you all that you can. I do the best that I can to stay positive and push through the work till you get better. The main question you have to ask yourself is do I want to become more and do I want to have more. Nowadays there is no reason for anyone to have  little knowledge about their chosen field. We have the internet that has loads of free information that can teach you anything.

I’ll leave you with this

“The Key to your better future is you – Jim Rohn”

Be Fearless


Some great motivation for to help you along with your design career and life. Fear will take way many things that we do not expect it to. Remember life is short and you only have one shot so make it a great one.


Fear is not reality

With the many things that I have been going through these past couple of months I realized that I was not living in reality. So every so often I come back and I watch this video. Its pretty amazing at how powerful our minds can be.