Aaron Draplins 50 ways to ruin your career


These 50 ways to ruin your career will help you more then you can imagine. They are also great life skills that many never get taught until they find out through many different life situations.

1. Enjoy the goddamned moment
2. Love where you are from
3. Move somewhere wild
4. Frequent eateries that use decimal points in their menus
5. Know Your Fucking Condiments
6. Get out there and get dirty
7. And then, share what you find
8. Work with yer friends
9. Know yer tools and be thankful they exist
10. Go wherever they’ll send you
11. Shed any goddamned sense of entitlement
12. Provide proof of bonafide graphic art existence using multimedia
13. Fight for the long dogs
14. Lose the crutch
15. Exhibit a little humility
16. Quit spending yer money on bullshit
17. Be wary of certain business professionals
18. Pay of those fucking school loans already
19. Laugh at stuff
20. Turn yer back on organized sports
21. Dreamp up a plan
22. Get cosmic
23. Take color theory seriously
24. Make room for some magic
25. Say what you mean
26. Get it on vinyl
27. Be ready for when they call you up to the big leagues
28. Learn an instrument
29. Be the client
30. Go by car
31. Know what really matters in the end
32. Buy things made in America
33. Question stuff constantly
34. Know who’s got the power
35. Collect cool shit
36. Grab yer social media by the throat
37. Savor the little stuff
38. Support yer local rock bands
39. Know all the shades of being “professional”
40. Don’t worry about awards
41. Quit saying the word, “dude”
42. Make big ass posters
43. Go pantless
44. Get free
45. Treat the UPS guy, mail lady and printing pressman like they are gold
46. Know what you love
47. And don’t forget about the things you hate
48. Learn to roll with the good, bad and the ugly.
49. Work hard and love this shit
50. Be thankful for everything

Image rights belong to Garry Reiger