Knowledge is the new money

This could not be more true today then before. The more knowledge you have just think of how much more valuable you are. But as I have said before you can know everything in the world but if your not applying it then its useless.  Because you can procrastinate on that web design project or logo design project. Maybe your just lazy frustrated that you have not progressed in your work quality.

Well going back and reviewing the rules of design does no harm. Knowing the rules and etc will only help make you better. Then you have to realize that being just a graphic designer is not going to cut it. So therefore learn a skill that will help you create a niche for yourself. For me as you all may know I have been learning web design and calligraphy. Which I really just went to school for graphic design.

The reason I chose calligraphy and web design is because one calligraphy is not something you’d expect a graphic designer to be able to do. Also the upsurge of hand lettering coming back. So in the hand lettering niche I chose calligraphy to specify. Web design I chose it because its a skill that is needed now. Although at times learning web design can get frustrating I don’t give up.

Remember this and you’ll be alright

Don’t wish it were easier wish you were better – Jim Rohn


Learn about all forms of design

One of the most valuable things that I started doing a couple of weeks ago is learning about all forms of design. The main reason is that it has helped me grasp a better understanding of design as a whole. Whether it’s in architecture, interior design, product design, web design they all have taught me something about design.

Because before I would just focus on learning as much as I can about graphic design and that did not really help me to gain a broader understanding of how designing works. So I would suggest to whether your already a designer or just starting out learning about all forms of design can help you to learn how to approach a project. Since all of the forms I mentioned have a different approach that is need to solve each problem.

For example the Wright Brothers studied birds when they were building their Airplane, Da vinci studied nature and the human body. The list could go on and on the main thing is up to you to find out how to improve the quality of work your doing and or to educate yourself to become more knowledgeable.

Being a Designer is a lifestyle

graphic designer

Whether you are a fashion design, graphic designer, web designer and so on and so forth you look at the world differently then anyone else. When we look at what others considered to be hideous we can find beauty.  Also we can become obsessive about things regarding our chosen field.

For example when you are flipping through a magazine whether your a graphic designer or not you look at every little detail. Well I know I tend to at least. When I first started doing that it lead over into my life outside of graphic design. But I soon realized that I did that all of my life.

The way that our houses and rooms are set up are fit to our specific taste. Being a designer is more then just a Job and the type of clothes that you wear and if you drink coffee or not. We all are intertwined just from different points of view. I feel that ever since I started to learn more about other fields of design it has helped me to improve my work quality.

A key thing to remember

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. – Brian Tracy

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Jessica Hische – Grab the reins and fucking do it.

I still remember the first time I watched this creative mornings talk. I honestly did not have any idea with what to expect. Jessica is highly inspirational I loved her mentality on web design. To anyone who has not experimented with learning web design it’s really not as hard as it seems. Just check out a site Jessica and Her Bf or Fiance I forget which one to be exact they created a great beginner site.  to help people understand web design  Don’t Fear the Internet