Learn to love being a designer

Learning to love being a graphic designer and or a creative person is not easy to do at first. Because there are many situations that try to tell us it’s useless. They say you’ll never make any money from your art. When they are just putting their beliefs in your head.

They people who do that are ones looking out for your best interest and they do not want to see you get hurt. There’s nothing wrong with them doing that at all. This leads back to you learning to love being a designer and or a creative individual.

There are many people who love creating. They are those who just create and never make much money from their work. The starving artist thing is not something that is true. I only see someone starving as an artist is when they do not learn the business of being an artist.

Being a creative person requires you to learn the business of sustaining yourself. Learning to love being a creative person should not lead you to quitting your job and you starving. Then which will lead you to taking on whatever jobs you can do to survive.

Fall in love with creativity the smart way. Avoid falling into the love of creativity that you fail be honest with yourself as a creator. If you are creating you are going to suck and or produce very poor quality work starting out. Loving the process of creating is an important part of being a designer.