Making $35,000 Bonsai Scissors

Absolutely incredible

After 50 years I feel I am reaching my peak and I am trying to find ways to make my products better. That response is so inspiring.


Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See

I’ll have to say this is one of the most refreshing documentaries that I have watched in awhile. I really enjoyed Inge’s approach to teaching. Just think of how amazing it is when you have a great teacher that is willing to expand your mind to think about things differently and in a wide open way.


The Story of Blackletter

I was first introduced to this video by a skilshare class that I took on calligraphy. The video taught me a lot about the history of black letter. Also that reading black letter is a lot easier than normal text.  I really have been enjoying learning the history of callligraphy.

The reason is because I have been teaching myself calligraphy for so long it seems that the more I learn the more I enjoy it. The same can be said for me when it comes to graphic design.

Oculus Story Studio


After watching this I became more interested in what VR will become in the future. I am still not willing to spend the amount of money an Oculus headset costs though.