How to deal with not everyone liking you and your design work

You may be saying why would not everyone like me? I am a good person and I treat people nicely. Well let me break it down for you. There are people who think the same way as you.
Then you have those who just want to hate everything you do with no reason. Also you have those people who secretly want to see you fail. So you have to accept this and not be afraid of it. Because when someone learns this its hard to swallow.

For me when I was younger I did not think anyone would have a reason to dislike me. No matter how good I am and positive I am I will never be perfect in certain peoples eyes. But you know what I don’t care what they think. Honestly the only people’s opinions that matter first to me are my family members. Then after its friends opinions and how they see me.

When I first experienced a grueling critique of my design work in college I was devastated. But you know during the time of it I did not let it effect me. I was strong through the whole critique and dug deep mentally that I was not going to let it destroy my dreams. You may have experienced a time when someone was so brutal and almost made you want to give up.

Use those experiences to make people eat their words with how they made you feel. Like Frank Sinatra said the greatest type of revenge is massive success. I know that professors are only doing it to make you better. But lets be honest not everyone will see it that way. Some will either get offended and or make up an excuse to why they did so many things a certain way and others will just not care.

Use everyone experience as a learning curve to get better. Every thing someone says, that they do to you use it as energy to get through the tough times. There have been many times I had absolutely no drive to do certain things. But you know I always remember what I was told in design school about my typography and I most likely will never forget it.

Its the little things that will push you and drive you forward. So stop worrying and getting discouraged. Believe in yourself and most of all be honest with yourself.


Work like your poor

When I posted this on my instagram i got different types of responses. When I knew that such a thing would happen. I like to be an open person and share different view points to instill a discussion. Because seeing how different people think is always a plus.

I first heard this quote Work like your poor from a youtube video. With the mentality of working like you’re poor it takes upon a various different types of meanings. Some can be either positive or good. Poor to me is more so a mindset that one has developed over time.

Because being poor is something that you can overcome easily. The reason why I say easily is because you can do anything you put your mind to. I for one was skeptical of this phrase at first. But earlier this year I was working at a company and my financial situation was not healthy at all.

Over time I devoted myself that I was going to get out of the rut. I was in a situation and not happy about it at all. You know I had even thought about giving up and joining the Navy at one point.  Because I just did not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But you know that I had to say to myself I had to stop being a little bitch about everything that was happening. I had to say to myself everyday is that you are not happy here and you are living poor. Because I know that I am capable of doing what ever I set my mind to. So there is not a reason why I should be working anywhere that I am not happy.

If you are feeling trapped at a job and feeling poor you should work like you are Poor to get out of there. By that I mean lets take someone from a less privileged country and see how they would act if they were in your position to find a better job. A lot of us who are graphic designers we tend to sell our selves short too often. By that I am referring to those of us who know that are work is not shitty or poorly designed but we just do it to get by.

I for one will not sit and pretend as if i was not the type of person who would just take whatever I could get. Because I was one of those people who did. I was scared to say no and not say my full rate. There was something that would happen in my brain that I would be scared of them saying ” oh that is too high for us to pay”.

See this whole poor lifestyle and or poor financial situation is all from a mindset that we create. Because our action tend to be the main results of everything that we have. If you are a graphic designer and you work like you’re still in college you may need a reality check.

Even if you are not poor you should continue to have the hustle and drive to maintain what you have. The reason I say this is because there is always someone who is willing to come and take what you have. Then you have to risk a lot of the things you value starting to fade away slowly. So just take the time to think if there is something that you have been neglecting and let fall to the wayside.  Do yourself a favor and start being honest with yourself.

Why as a creative person you need to understand business

So I was contacted recently to sell my artwork on a site. The idea of me selling my calligraphy  is always a great thing. By my artwork I was referring to my calligraphy work and etc. At first I was like “oh yeah” why not? Well let me tell you why I am not going to do it.

Being a creative person whether your a designer or not you need to understand business. By business understanding profit/loss and many other things. If you are ever offered to do business or sell your artwork take the time to understand what you are giving up. You could be giving up rights and even profits.

So the organization said that I would receive 10% of profits. Ten percent is a joke especially when there are other places where I can get 95% or even greater of the profits. This is where a lot of people get taken advantage of and or they think the artist is not knowledgeable.

I want you to avoid having the mindset of I cannot do such a thing on my own. Well you can if you are willing to educate yourself. Do not fall into the trap of letting other people decide things for you. If you are in business as a freelancer or wherever there is nothing wrong with asking for advice on things. But you need to do what you feel is right.

Then learn the difference between a crappy deal and a good deal. There are a lot of people who will give you crappy deals just because. Know your value and worth stop selling yourself short. Because there is not a reason in the world you are not good enough. But all of this boils down to how much you believe in yourself and how much you value your work.

Experimenting and trying new things

Ever since I started learning calligraphy by myself I never really thought of it in such a large way. Because when you start teaching yourself something you begin to do it out of love. Then further down the road you start to realize what it can become. I have built a good following on instagram and made some good friends as well there.

One person recently told me to make a quote I did recently into a shirt. I was thinking “Josten why did you not already do this!”. My thoughts are I’m doing something for free to help inspire others as well as showing my commitment.

Here is how one of the shirts is going to be printed


There is a lot of hand lettering online and everywhere you can imagine. There is also some that is pristine and almost does not look hand done and I tend to always want to keep that aspect of my calligraphy work. Therefore showing the little imperfection brings out the human aspect of it and a more organic feel.

Some other things I have been trying to do a bit more was to test out incorporating a hand lettered aspect of a logo. Since I’ve been doing calligraphy for over a year everyday why the hell not?

Here is one recent project that I started


The project is going to be based off of people who Ride the Rails. If you are not familiar with the term its people who ride freight trains. I’m debating whether or not to base it off of a beer company or clothing. But more or less its a fun project. Still have to clean things up a bit with it.

Printed calligraphy posters

I over the past week decided to print a couple versions of my calligraphy work that I done with a brush pen. The chase the vision I did that with Tombow brush pens and the wolf poster I used a pentel brush pen.  These are vectored versions of the original work.

The reason I decided to vector my calligraphy work is mainly because I just felt it was starting to go to waste and I needed to get it out there and share it. Also I will improve my photoshop/illustrator skills in the meantime.

These posters are hanging in my bedroom office to inspire and remind me to focus. Believe it or not there is a great feeling when you have your own work hanging in your office.

Continued movement and still going strong


One thing that I am so proud of is that I am still going strong throughout all of the trials and tribulations I’ve endured. I’m pretty sure that you’ve been through some and you may be going through them right now. Well you have to keep at it and make it through them.

Because on the other side of the situation is what we all want to have. You have to continue moving forward meaning do not give up. I’ve experienced people who were so ignorant and no supportive of my goals. Well I know that I should not expect anyone to be supportive of my goals because they are my goals.

So therefore I should not expect them to be supportive. When this is a present situation that you can see right in front of yourself do not get out of character. Just keep your head down and focus on what you set to accomplish from the beginning. You may have experienced when you are out for a jog and your body just turns on a switch where your legs are just moving with ease.

This is the same way your mind can work. Because at first when you are just starting out running it will be hard and you’ll want to quit right away. Having the Mental capacity to be able to defeat the voice in your head that tells you stop wasting energy and just sit and wish for things to get better.

Continue moving and Keep going strong.

Jacobs Garage

This was a self initiated project of a re-branding of a family own mechanic shop. I thought to myself what are some ways that I could keep the family aspect of the branding and modernize the branding a bit. The things I took into consideration were from the research I did how the logos for auto mechanics are very easy and straight to the point.

I chose to go for an oil drop since oil is one of the major things a car needs to be able to run. Therefore its the lifeblood of the car.



The main logo for Jacobs Garage 


Jacobs_garage-03 cropped

I chose to show the logo in two variations to show the depth of how the oil drop is able to work being positioned in either location.


For the uniform shirts I decided to go with the color grey because using a lighter color seemed to be a more comfortable fit. Also it would be a shirt for more than just the mechanics to wear.


Trail type

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 7.03.30 PM

Pretty cool website showcasing type from trails definitely worth checking out.

Avoiding being scammed as a designer

So not long ago I was contacted for a project. The person whom pretended to be a serious client was indeed not. So after conversing with the person I was convinced.  Then I worked up a quote for them. After they told me the brief about the work they needed. Well I’m sure about needing more so pretending.

So I for one going by the rule of %50 payment up front. The person did not use paypal they strictly wanted to only do check. Then the person sent more than what I quoted. Another thing was after they told me to deposit the remaining half into some account.

Which I told them I am not going to do that. Before you think so you did work for free. No I did not do anything and the client did not sign the contract. If you ever have a client and they are hesitant to sign a contract then you may want to be a little suspicious.

A contract is a way to weed out those whom are serious and or not. Now let’s get back to the check. So to sum it up the person wanted to know when I was going to deposit the check. If I deposited the check and took out the money I would’ve gotten charged for it. Therefore they are getting money for free and work.

From now on I’m only accepting paypal and no checks ever. Well checks only in person. Just remember to be careful and to never ever do any work without getting paid at least %50 upfront.


The Adobe Illustrator Story


This is a pretty lovely story on adobe illustrator. I must say it made me appreciate it a lot more. Well the whole suite matter of fact. Because if we did not have that available then I’m sure design would be pretty different then it is now.


Have a great weekend everyone