What to know before becoming a Graphic Designer/ Calligrapher

Becoming a Graphic Designer and  Calligrapher  can be a hard journey to go on. I go over a few things that I have learned and have helped me.


What ruined Nickelodeon?

Nickelodeon was a part of my childhood and I always get a bit excited whenever I see a clip from a show I used to watch as a child. Because it brings back the memories of me wanting to be on the show and etc.

How to Refill Pilot Parallel Pens for CHEAP

In this video I go over how to refill pilot parallel pens for cheap. The need to purchase cartridge refills for pilot parallel pens as shown in this video is pretty useless. I say that it is useless to do so because you can save money by refilling them. Also you will not be limited by the color selection either.