Why your agency is making the mistake by not hiring a Junior designer

The reason why your agency is making the mistake not hiring a junior graphic designer is because you are missing out being able to mold someone into a better designer. Don’t get me wrong I know that not everyone is capable of being taught things. The ego’s that we have as humans can affect us. There are somethings that agencies miss out on time and time again.

I for one know that I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to be the best designer possible no matter how hard the work is I’m willing to get it done. Also I know that are other graphic designers out there who are just as willing or even more willing than I am. Just think for a second how many times you are missing that talent by brushing them off and sending the automated email of you did not meet the qualifications and never explaining why they were not qualified.

The studio and or agency that you have can use new life into it. Because I’m sure you’ve had graphic designers that have been at the company for a very long time who are just going through the motions of the job. The main reason why you may not hire just any graphic designer is because you are scared. Or you could say there’s no reason for me to take time to get someone up to speed with the company and spend the time nor money.

Junior Graphic designers have heart and are more than willing to join your studio/agency. The new life that your agency will have hiring new designers will be worth it. But do not get me wrong I know that there are going to be crappy designers/ special. You just have to think long term and not short term.

Because if you are not thinking long term in regards to the life of your agency/ studio I am pretty sure the well which you pull from will dry up. Then results will show further down the line. So why would you not want to have fresh talent in your organization?