Work like your poor

When I posted this on my instagram i got different types of responses. When I knew that such a thing would happen. I like to be an open person and share different view points to instill a discussion. Because seeing how different people think is always a plus.

I first heard this quote Work like your poor from a youtube video. With the mentality of working like you’re poor it takes upon a various different types of meanings. Some can be either positive or good. Poor to me is more so a mindset that one has developed over time.

Because being poor is something that you can overcome easily. The reason why I say easily is because you can do anything you put your mind to. I for one was skeptical of this phrase at first. But earlier this year I was working at a company and my financial situation was not healthy at all.

Over time I devoted myself that I was going to get out of the rut. I was in a situation and not happy about it at all. You know I had even thought about giving up and joining the Navy at one point.  Because I just did not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But you know that I had to say to myself I had to stop being a little bitch about everything that was happening. I had to say to myself everyday is that you are not happy here and you are living poor. Because I know that I am capable of doing what ever I set my mind to. So there is not a reason why I should be working anywhere that I am not happy.

If you are feeling trapped at a job and feeling poor you should work like you are Poor to get out of there. By that I mean lets take someone from a less privileged country and see how they would act if they were in your position to find a better job. A lot of us who are graphic designers we tend to sell our selves short too often. By that I am referring to those of us who know that are work is not shitty or poorly designed but we just do it to get by.

I for one will not sit and pretend as if i was not the type of person who would just take whatever I could get. Because I was one of those people who did. I was scared to say no and not say my full rate. There was something that would happen in my brain that I would be scared of them saying ” oh that is too high for us to pay”.

See this whole poor lifestyle and or poor financial situation is all from a mindset that we create. Because our action tend to be the main results of everything that we have. If you are a graphic designer and you work like you’re still in college you may need a reality check.

Even if you are not poor you should continue to have the hustle and drive to maintain what you have. The reason I say this is because there is always someone who is willing to come and take what you have. Then you have to risk a lot of the things you value starting to fade away slowly. So just take the time to think if there is something that you have been neglecting and let fall to the wayside.  Do yourself a favor and start being honest with yourself.