How I lost my vectored calligraphy work

The way that I lost my calligraphy/ brush lettering work was by being careless. There was one day that I what I thought I did was transferred the files from my macbook to my external hard drive. Which I did. But you know what I did not do. I wasn’t being careful while doing it.

I just thought oh yeah this is the same as its always been. So I know that I transferred my work to the external hard drive so why double check .Well there was one day that I did check and realized that there was none of the files that I had vectorized.

I was upset at first just thinking how in the hell can I be so careless with such a simple thing. The reason I was upset more than just a little bit was because I am not a newbie to any of this. Just think of how such a simple thing can mess up a major project and etc. So the reason I am sharing this is to let you know that we all make mistakes.

The idea of double checking your work and etc is key. There is no need to think at any point in your career or life that you are top notch. Well the reason I say this is because you can make a simple mistake and Fuck up something or somethings very important.

So from all of this I am now even more careful with the process and way I go about doing things. I for one will make sure that this will not happen again. Because at first I was hurt about it but then just thought you know you have the hard copies so why are you upset just take this as a learning experience.