How to deal with not everyone liking you and your design work

You may be saying why would not everyone like me? I am a good person and I treat people nicely. Well let me break it down for you. There are people who think the same way as you.
Then you have those who just want to hate everything you do with no reason. Also you have those people who secretly want to see you fail. So you have to accept this and not be afraid of it. Because when someone learns this its hard to swallow.

For me when I was younger I did not think anyone would have a reason to dislike me. No matter how good I am and positive I am I will never be perfect in certain peoples eyes. But you know what I don’t care what they think. Honestly the only people’s opinions that matter first to me are my family members. Then after its friends opinions and how they see me.

When I first experienced a grueling critique of my design work in college I was devastated. But you know during the time of it I did not let it effect me. I was strong through the whole critique and dug deep mentally that I was not going to let it destroy my dreams. You may have experienced a time when someone was so brutal and almost made you want to give up.

Use those experiences to make people eat their words with how they made you feel. Like Frank Sinatra said the greatest type of revenge is massive success. I know that professors are only doing it to make you better. But lets be honest not everyone will see it that way. Some will either get offended and or make up an excuse to why they did so many things a certain way and others will just not care.

Use everyone experience as a learning curve to get better. Every thing someone says, that they do to you use it as energy to get through the tough times. There have been many times I had absolutely no drive to do certain things. But you know I always remember what I was told in design school about my typography and I most likely will never forget it.

Its the little things that will push you and drive you forward. So stop worrying and getting discouraged. Believe in yourself and most of all be honest with yourself.