Learning New Techniques to help improve design work

If you have not been following me on instagram I have been learning calligraphy for over 2+ years. I also have done custom logos for various clients. The things that I learned in school I realized that they were good for the time I was in school.  Because there becomes a time when you should have left it behind and found a better technique.

An amazing technique I learned was how to properly use anchor points to vectorize lettering. Before I would plot anchor points and it would take me forever. But thankfully I found a video on youtube explaining how to properly use them. I must say after I was just sitting there thinking wow so this is how its done.

Because it was a technique that I was comfortable doing and one that I had learned awhile ago. Compared to the new one that I learned was as if  light bulb turned on in my head. I must say I came across this video which was perfect timing. Especially since I have been learning calligraphy for so long.

This is my first attempt at using this technique. I was blown away by how much quicker it was for me to do this compared to the way before I would’ve went about doing this.

This is the video below that I came across which taught me one of the best ways to go about getting clean vectorized versions of your calligraphy, lettering work.