Break your limiting beliefs

Your beliefs about everything you are doing as a designer can be limiting you. You can think oh I’ll never get any clients. I’ll never be able to find a job as a graphic designer. But you are only destroying your belief about those things.

I can speak from experience that I had those limits on myself. After realizing that you do deserve to be able to have those clients and you do deserve to be doing what you are passionate about. This can also be in relation to playing the victim role. Because a lot of people who go to college and graduate then are not able to find a job they play the victim role.

Which playing the victim is so easy to do. You have to get up off your ass and make things happen. The professors and everyone around you are not going to make your dreams happen. If you want to have clients and or get a Graphic design job what are you doing to make it happen. Watching netfilx and or Youtube videos all day is not going to help you.

The low self esteem sets in from getting comfortable. Then from not wanting to take the initiative  to make things happen. You have to blame no one but yourself for your results. If you are not doing what you said you will do its all up to you.

Break your limiting beliefs as a graphic design by pushing yourself and be honest with yourself even if it hurts.