Master the moment

Master the moment in whatever it is that you are doing. You do not want take the time to waste it doing nothing.  Because this is something that I have learned being a designer. At times that is something that is easy to do.

We as people can get comfortable in the aspect of doing nothing. I for one was being lazy with vectorizing and putting new work on my instagram. When honestly I really enjoyed the aspect of posting work daily and documenting my progress. I will admit that it was a relief to have a few days off of posting.

I did not want to end up burning out and fading away. The whole aspect of running a marathon and doing all of it for the long term. Also realizing that even though I am not getting the same amount of likes and etc as others it doesn’t matter. I just think about how gary vaynerchuk mentioned he wasn’t getting any views on his youtube videos but he kept putting them out.

So you want to master the moments. When you keep the right mentality you will realize that mastering the moments do not take a lot of effort. By that I meant it will become normal to you.

With all of this said make sure to do your best to master the moments of your life and to not take them for granted. Which means in a simple way saying to not waste time and be more vigilant