The Fear of Creativity

The fear of losing creativity and the fear of losing it all has scared me. Till this day I still do get scared about losing my creativity. But I learned that creativity is not just a thing that will go away. ¬†What I mean by that is creativity from my point of view it’s something that is constantly developed.
We all have creative abilities whether we’d like to believe it or not. There is a difference between those who continually use their creativity and those who don’t. You want to nurture your creativity and constantly improve it. If you don’t use your skills and or gifts they will not be of much use to you.

While fear may be such a strong thing to experience. Do your best to not let it bother you and hold you back.


I Never Allowed my Fear


When you are a fearful person over time it limits you. If you don’t see how it limits you then take a second to think of things that you want to do but are scared. Another thing could be afraid of being honest and show your failures. Appearing to perfect is just a way for you to think you are above others.

Fear is something that will kill your dreams. The way that fear will limit you and kill your dreams is by you seeing what things could happen and never doing anything. You’d never attempt to do something outside of yourself in regards to your fear of failure. There are certain athletic examples that can be used in reference for failing over and over again.

A basketball player shoots a basketball over and over until they make it. So the misses count as the repeated failure that does not not last. A skateboarder falls down over and over and gets back up until they land the trick. The repeated failing allows you do develop the mentality of I do not care what it takes I’m going to do it.

This sense of determination and fearless mentality is developed over time so do not think this is something that few possess. You as well can develop these skills. Each day do something that scares you (that is legal and does not hurt anyone or yourself). If your scared to ride a bike down a hill do it, If your scared to stand on a skateboard do it and many other things to get the fear out of you.

Be Fearless


Some great motivation for to help you along with your design career and life. Fear will take way many things that we do not expect it to. Remember life is short and you only have one shot so make it a great one.