Believe in yourself and Your Design work

When we you start out in anything you have to believe in yourself. I experience this time and time again that believing in yourself and work is key. As a creative person we can doubt our work like no one else can. We tend to fall into the same habits of doing what is easy.

The way that I have gain belief in my work is to trust myself. I trust myself and the process that I go through completion of the work. I had learned that as long as the work is 95% complete in regards to my terms it will be just right. The 95% completion of the work will be as close as it can get to 100%.

I say that because there is nothing out there that is 100% complete. The reason is because there is always something that can be improved or has room for improvement. Being self aware of this is allowed me to develop a stronger belief in my work and myself.

Family, friends, coworkers and whomever do not have to believe in your work. The reason I say that is because its your work! No one has to do anything for you your life is your life. If your clients do not like your work then it could be, a number of things.

With all of this sad believe in yourself even when no one does. If you are not getting clients or making sales of your artwork keep at it. The amount of information out there is endless on you becoming better than you already are. When you start improving and getting better you will learn how much of an impact it can be on you.


Break your limiting beliefs

Your beliefs about everything you are doing as a designer can be limiting you. You can think oh I’ll never get any clients. I’ll never be able to find a job as a graphic designer. But you are only destroying your belief about those things.

I can speak from experience that I had those limits on myself. After realizing that you do deserve to be able to have those clients and you do deserve to be doing what you are passionate about. This can also be in relation to playing the victim role. Because a lot of people who go to college and graduate then are not able to find a job they play the victim role.

Which playing the victim is so easy to do. You have to get up off your ass and make things happen. The professors and everyone around you are not going to make your dreams happen. If you want to have clients and or get a Graphic design job what are you doing to make it happen. Watching netfilx and or Youtube videos all day is not going to help you.

The low self esteem sets in from getting comfortable. Then from not wanting to take the initiative  to make things happen. You have to blame no one but yourself for your results. If you are not doing what you said you will do its all up to you.

Break your limiting beliefs as a graphic design by pushing yourself and be honest with yourself even if it hurts.

You as a Designer have nothing to lose

If you are content with thinking that I’m a designer and I have nothing to lose. Well you should be thinking on a larger scale. Because you are putting yourself at risk. By putting yourself at risk you are risking your creativity drying up.

Think of your creativity and thinking abilities as a muscle. If you do not take the time to nurture and strengthen them they will become weaker. Then when that happens you will think things such as I don’t know if I can do it or I’m not good enough. Well If you are not working on anything that is no ones fault but your own.

Because we like to create excuses and blame others. A good example is if I went to another college I would be in a better position. When most likely you probably would still be in the same situation. Because that is a victim mentality to have. But you know what this is a common thing.

Stop letting those around you take advantage of you and your creativity. Everything you do is a choice. Whatever clients you have or go after they are what you’ve found instead of them finding you. So do not let people take advantage of you on a constant basis. Learn how to say no and stop chasing the money and work on your craft.

Good things come to those who hustle

Do not think for one second that you do not have to work. By that I mean do not think that you will get what you want by waiting for it. Well you may get somethings that you want. But that does not mean it will be what you want. The things that you will get will most likely be things left over from those who know what they want.

By hustling I mean to basically do what you know you should be doing. This also is in line with you being honest with yourself. So get off you ass and go do it. Start now by doing one thing and then continue to add on and be persistent.