Why Your branding Sucks and you should’ve hired an actual designer

Your branding sucks but you may not think it does. The reason why it sucks is because you wanted to be cheap and do it yourself. Also you may have thought you know I’ll just find someone who can do it for me cheaply. Well you know that it does not benefit you to go the cheap route.

Just think of how your car, shoes, bed and etc would be if you always bought cheap things. Because your brand is a symbol of what you stand for. A great example is Rolls Royce, Ferrari and many other cars of the same type. They stand for elegance and many other things and will continue to do so.

The reason they will continue stand for those things is because they did not take the cheap route. They also have realized how important branding is in all aspects. Another great example is Apple just think how the world would look at apple if they started making cheap plastic phones without caring about design.

You know that it wouldn’t have helped them at all in the long run. The same thing can be said for the Apple Watch if they did not pay attention to the details not many would’ve cared about them long term. Also it fits into the overall culture that Apple has created with their brand image, company image and etc.

We as people tend to expect certain things from Brands. Whether you want to believe it or not that is truly the way how things are. If you go into certain stores you can expect to wait and or be treated rudely. So therefore there really is no need to get upset or be surprised by that. There are little things that we have to stop overlooking.

If you are starting a dog food company that sells food that is beneficial to making a dog have a shinier coat you would invest in good branding. Because there is a certain market that you will have to appeal to. Also there are certain stores that you are going to want to sell in. Because you want to more than anything be where the customers/ clientele would be.

So stop being cheap and afraid to invest in your businesses overall image. You may not see the value in it right now. But believe me long down the road you will be glad you did. Just look at how upset people were about Ubers logo change. You want to have people get upset over you changing your logo because the one you have was so good. Another way to go about that is to have no one noticed that it changed. How many people were upset about Walmart changing their branding?


Hand lettered logos

Goals: For this project I set limitations to create branding for various business. Also while constructing the logos by hand and use of the computer as little as possible.
Solution:Use of beautifully crafted hand lettered logos that have a retroesque and human like feel to them. Also that are very legible and recognizable.












Update on my Daily logo design

So far with my daily logo design I have not missed a day. I am very very thankful that I have not missed on yet. At times I felt like giving up to be honest. The beginning at first was pretty hard.

Then I started to gain traction. You know for example when you are running and you feel as if your a machine. There is nothing that can break your mental and physical focus and you just keep going. Another thing I learned is that I produce better results when I do the logo in the morning.

I have been focusing on local restaurants and businesses. A vast majority of them are pretty bad. More so a lot could use a lot of refinement. I was at first a little surprised at the response I was getting. The responses were from the actual companies. But even though I was getting responses I made sure to not let it go to my head.

And now here is the recent logos I’ve done.

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Logo design a day for 30 days

So recently I took it upon myself to design a logo a day for 30 days. The reason is because I felt that I for needed to improve. Also I wanted to hold myself accountable by posting it on my instagram and making it public. Which would motivate me even more.

Here’s some of the work I’ve done so far.



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What I learned from my 30 day logo experiment.

When I first took upon myself that I wanted to improve my logo design skills I had no idea what to expect. My first thoughts were yea this shouldn’t be to hard to design a logo a day for 30 days straight. Well I was unaware the complexity of designing logos for various types of businesses.

Some of the many things I learned from designing a logo a day for 30 days

  1.  Is this going to be able to be used on anything besides a business card or a piece of paper? Because a logo can look good on one thing and no on another. Which was taken into great consideration when designing the logos.
  2. Is it understandable and legible : Just because I designed it does not mean that everybody else will.
  3. Does it convey the company’s image properly: Is the design something that you could actually see being used in a public space.
  4. Coming up with a strong brand can be more complex then it seems to the eye
  5. No detail is to small

These were the major things that I was asking myself after completing a logo and during the process. I’ll have to say after completing the experiment I now look at logos and everything else in extreme attention to detail.

Designed a logo a day for 30

Mechanicsandfarmers-02So on I finally finished up my latest project that I feel was a great experiment. I’ll admit at times I felt a little frustrated with feeling as if I’m doubting myself with designing logos. The reason for taking upon the task of designing a logo a day for 30 days I felt it would help me become better at designing logos.

Some of the rules I set for designing these logos were

  1. They can only be from local businesses
  2. I will not spend more then 10 – 15 minutes coming up with a concept ( The reason for this was to set limits on my time of thinking and to see what I could come up with)
  3. Think fast and stick with my gut feeling
  4. Sketch first before going to the computer
  5. Experiment with different types of businesses

So overall I am very pleased with what I can up with. Some of the logos are just little refinements and others are completely brand new. Mainly I wanted to design the logos how I felt they should be used to represent the type of business correctly.  Here are a few of my favorite logos that I designed. Check out the rest of them here and here

Floral_dimension-02 Italian Pizzeria-02 Numen_Artworks-02