Update on my Daily logo design

So far with my daily logo design I have not missed a day. I am very very thankful that I have not missed on yet. At times I felt like giving up to be honest. The beginning at first was pretty hard.

Then I started to gain traction. You know for example when you are running and you feel as if your a machine. There is nothing that can break your mental and physical focus and you just keep going. Another thing I learned is that I produce better results when I do the logo in the morning.

I have been focusing on local restaurants and businesses. A vast majority of them are pretty bad. More so a lot could use a lot of refinement. I was at first a little surprised at the response I was getting. The responses were from the actual companies. But even though I was getting responses I made sure to not let it go to my head.

And now here is the recent logos I’ve done.

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