Why Your branding Sucks and you should’ve hired an actual designer

Your branding sucks but you may not think it does. The reason why it sucks is because you wanted to be cheap and do it yourself. Also you may have thought you know I’ll just find someone who can do it for me cheaply. Well you know that it does not benefit you to go the cheap route.

Just think of how your car, shoes, bed and etc would be if you always bought cheap things. Because your brand is a symbol of what you stand for. A great example is Rolls Royce, Ferrari and many other cars of the same type. They stand for elegance and many other things and will continue to do so.

The reason they will continue stand for those things is because they did not take the cheap route. They also have realized how important branding is in all aspects. Another great example is Apple just think how the world would look at apple if they started making cheap plastic phones without caring about design.

You know that it wouldn’t have helped them at all in the long run. The same thing can be said for the Apple Watch if they did not pay attention to the details not many would’ve cared about them long term. Also it fits into the overall culture that Apple has created with their brand image, company image and etc.

We as people tend to expect certain things from Brands. Whether you want to believe it or not that is truly the way how things are. If you go into certain stores you can expect to wait and or be treated rudely. So therefore there really is no need to get upset or be surprised by that. There are little things that we have to stop overlooking.

If you are starting a dog food company that sells food that is beneficial to making a dog have a shinier coat you would invest in good branding. Because there is a certain market that you will have to appeal to. Also there are certain stores that you are going to want to sell in. Because you want to more than anything be where the customers/ clientele would be.

So stop being cheap and afraid to invest in your businesses overall image. You may not see the value in it right now. But believe me long down the road you will be glad you did. Just look at how upset people were about Ubers logo change. You want to have people get upset over you changing your logo because the one you have was so good. Another way to go about that is to have no one noticed that it changed. How many people were upset about Walmart changing their branding?


Jacobs Garage

This was a self initiated project of a re-branding of a family own mechanic shop. I thought to myself what are some ways that I could keep the family aspect of the branding and modernize the branding a bit. The things I took into consideration were from the research I did how the logos for auto mechanics are very easy and straight to the point.

I chose to go for an oil drop since oil is one of the major things a car needs to be able to run. Therefore its the lifeblood of the car.



The main logo for Jacobs Garage 


Jacobs_garage-03 cropped

I chose to show the logo in two variations to show the depth of how the oil drop is able to work being positioned in either location.


For the uniform shirts I decided to go with the color grey because using a lighter color seemed to be a more comfortable fit. Also it would be a shirt for more than just the mechanics to wear.


American Airlines Rebranding

Well You all may have or may not seen American Airlines New Identity. If you have not give the video a watch above before continuing on reading. When I first came across the article on creativereview.co.uk I had no idea what of what to say. One thing I said was why did they ruin such a great identity.

More so why would they not have massimo involved with the rebranding. I’m pretty sure this would be his reaction or would it be?

What are your thoughts about the new american airlines rebranding?

Do you think it went in the right direction or the wrong one?

History of Branding

A great video explaining the history of branding. When I sit and think about the history of branding it is pretty miraculous to see how things have changed so drastically.

How to Ruin Your brand Like Donald Trump

I’ll be the first to admit that I actually had a lot of respect for Donald. Learning about how he went from being bankrupt multiple times and etc until I found out that he inherited his money, but that’s a different topic.

Lately I have noticed how much Donald Trump has been ruining his own brand. For instance his rant on twitter is going to now make the whole world look at him even more different then they already do. The video he made asking the president to release his college records or something like that was just pathetic. Plus you can go to trumps youtube channel and you’ll see how much people like his videos from the ratings.


Being that you as an individual are a symbol of your brand lying to the people on national TV does not help your brand. For example Richard Branson is on CEO that I have a lot of respect for on how he and his team have created the virgin brand to be what it is today.

If You want to Ruin your Brand Like Donald Trump Follow this list

  1. Lie to the public
  2. Stir up controversy just to remain in the Public eye
  3. Let your ego get in the way


What are something that you have seen someone do to devalue a brand?

Web 2.0 Expo NY: Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library), Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape


This is one of the first Gary vaynerchuk speeches that I ever seen. Gary Vaynerchuk has helped teach me how to develop a brand within social media. One of the many things that I learned from Gary is to work hard and get in the trenches.

When we start out building a brand within social media we feel as people don’t give a shit about what we are doing. Always remember to keep going no matter what and the more you care the stronger you can be.



What is Branding?


A great visual explanation of what branding is in all aspects. I love when people make these because it helps make life a little easier when it comes to understanding the value in brands and branding.