What I learned from my 30 day logo experiment.

When I first took upon myself that I wanted to improve my logo design skills I had no idea what to expect. My first thoughts were yea this shouldn’t be to hard to design a logo a day for 30 days straight. Well I was unaware the complexity of designing logos for various types of businesses.

Some of the many things I learned from designing a logo a day for 30 days

  1.  Is this going to be able to be used on anything besides a business card or a piece of paper? Because a logo can look good on one thing and no on another. Which was taken into great consideration when designing the logos.
  2. Is it understandable and legible : Just because I designed it does not mean that everybody else will.
  3. Does it convey the company’s image properly: Is the design something that you could actually see being used in a public space.
  4. Coming up with a strong brand can be more complex then it seems to the eye
  5. No detail is to small

These were the major things that I was asking myself after completing a logo and during the process. I’ll have to say after completing the experiment I now look at logos and everything else in extreme attention to detail.