Designed a logo a day for 30

Mechanicsandfarmers-02So on I finally finished up my latest project that I feel was a great experiment. I’ll admit at times I felt a little frustrated with feeling as if I’m doubting myself with designing logos. The reason for taking upon the task of designing a logo a day for 30 days I felt it would help me become better at designing logos.

Some of the rules I set for designing these logos were

  1. They can only be from local businesses
  2. I will not spend more then 10 – 15 minutes coming up with a concept ( The reason for this was to set limits on my time of thinking and to see what I could come up with)
  3. Think fast and stick with my gut feeling
  4. Sketch first before going to the computer
  5. Experiment with different types of businesses

So overall I am very pleased with what I can up with. Some of the logos are just little refinements and others are completely brand new. Mainly I wanted to design the logos how I felt they should be used to represent the type of business correctly.  Here are a few of my favorite logos that I designed. Check out the rest of them here and here

Floral_dimension-02 Italian Pizzeria-02 Numen_Artworks-02