How to trust your judgement as a graphic designer

The judgment of not knowing if our work is good enough. The judgement of will the client like what we produced. The judgement of will the product I’ve sent out be received well.
The fear of not doing a good enough job is normal. You have to learn how to trust yourself and believe in your work. I know doing such a thing is difficult to do.

But overtime the more you began to trust yourself your judgement will be stronger. For example with venturing into a new field of creativity you first doubt your beginner pieces. Well I for one did doubt mine. Then overtime the more you practice and develop your confidence you began to know that looks good and what does not. By practicing and developing your skills your judgement gets stronger.

When your judgement gets stronger and you began to trust yourself, don’t be mean to other creative individuals. If you are critiquing work give them a solution on how it could be better. If they do not ask for a critique then keep it to yourself. I say such a thing because you do not know what are the options they had to work with and etc.

So with everything said you must trust yourself in your judgement. Therefore you will be able to have the trust of judgement from others.


Being Creative helps free your mind


There are many things in my life that I had to learn to free my mind. Being a creative person we look at the world differently than others. We tend to see multiple opportunities and we can see beauty in the ugly. When you free your mind you will be more open to see things in a greater perspective.

I tend to want always have an open and free mind. Because if I was constantly focused on being like everyone else and not being a creative individual I would lose a part of who I am. Calligraphy is a skill that I tend to continue using and improving. Also never pre planning a piece.

The reason why I never pre plan a piece is because I want to force my mind to think free. You know its sort of like when you are trying to avoid repeating yourself over and over. Along the lines of the rinse and repeat scenario. Because when you try and start forcing work whether its calligraphy, graphic design, or whatever creative task it becomes difficult.

The way it becomes difficult is because of the lack of confidence you have in your ability to think. I want you to just relax and let it come naturally. Learn to take time to explore and free your mind. Whenever there is a situation that comes up look at it differently.

Instead of polluting your mind with what your family members, coworkers, significant others say do not let that control you mentally. Focusing on freeing your mind to be more in control of your creativity and life.

You are more creative then you think

Everyday you do things that are creative. From the way that you tie your shoes and even the way you avoid certain collisions.  Even the way that you cook your food and prepare it. Because whether you believe it or not that requires a bit of creativity.

At times we think of being creative as being only from certain individuals. I just want to keep this nice and short and let you know that whether you believe it or not your creative. The type of creativity you may have is one that does not work for lets say building houses and or drafting furniture designs.

So don’t let your creativity just go to waste go and make use of it.

The Enemy of Creativity

The enemy of creativity is good taste. If you are a designer developing good taste can be something that seems impossible. Because when you are starting or it could be currently your situation of producing work that you know that is not at the level that it can be. Being creative is something that has to be disciplined and structured.

When your creativity is structured you are able to developed what good tastes is. The same thing can be applied to having a Honda or a Bentley. There you can see that the brand of each car details a certain level of taste. When you are designing you should look closely at the details of work that you drool over each day.

You know when you sit on behance or tumblr, instagram or wherever study the work. By study I mean to learn and look about what it is they did to come up with the design. While you are looking at the work start to look at placement of things and how they can work together.

Expect better quality of work from yourself and your work quality will improve.

Going to Art School will not teach you how to be creative

   Many people get fooled into thinking that going to art school will help them become more creative. When actually art school will teach you how to use the tools. But a lot of it depends on the teachers that you have while attending college. Another thing many people get sucked into a not so reputable art school in the sales pitch they give you.

Because telling people how to be creative is easy, it’s only being it that’s difficult. – John Cleese

Creativity exists in many of us just not many know that we have it in ourselves or we do know we have it but we are just not using it like we should.

 1. Some tips about deciding what art school to attend. If you are thinking about attending school to become a graphic designer I high suggest looking at the school reviews online doing a simple search on google will help you turn up a lot of information.

2.  Search for videos on youtube of people talking about the school that you want to attend

3.  Look at the cost of the school from beginning till you graduate

4.  What is the graduation rate and job placement rate

5.   Look at the alumni and see what they are doing and if they’ve fulfilled what the school says they are capable of doing for students.

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Influencers – How Trends and Creativity Become Contagious

This is a really good documentary after trends and creativity. I still think back to how many trends such as wearing white t’s became the thing. Then it quickly died then wearing Nike air force ones was the thing now not so much anymore. But me personally I tend to not follow trends at all.  I’m influenced by many many different things not just regarding to design. I feel that helps me to not limit my view of the world and design.

Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity


Elizabeth Gilbert is a very interesting woman. The way she talks about creativity is something that really opened my mind to think of creativity in a different way. I never really thought of creative people falling and diminishing at their own hands. Whenever I’m outside or not doing anything related to designing creativity inspiration comes out of nowhere.

“All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso


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