Being Creative helps free your mind


There are many things in my life that I had to learn to free my mind. Being a creative person we look at the world differently than others. We tend to see multiple opportunities and we can see beauty in the ugly. When you free your mind you will be more open to see things in a greater perspective.

I tend to want always have an open and free mind. Because if I was constantly focused on being like everyone else and not being a creative individual I would lose a part of who I am. Calligraphy is a skill that I tend to continue using and improving. Also never pre planning a piece.

The reason why I never pre plan a piece is because I want to force my mind to think free. You know its sort of like when you are trying to avoid repeating yourself over and over. Along the lines of the rinse and repeat scenario. Because when you try and start forcing work whether its calligraphy, graphic design, or whatever creative task it becomes difficult.

The way it becomes difficult is because of the lack of confidence you have in your ability to think. I want you to just relax and let it come naturally. Learn to take time to explore and free your mind. Whenever there is a situation that comes up look at it differently.

Instead of polluting your mind with what your family members, coworkers, significant others say do not let that control you mentally. Focusing on freeing your mind to be more in control of your creativity and life.