Going to Art School will not teach you how to be creative

   Many people get fooled into thinking that going to art school will help them become more creative. When actually art school will teach you how to use the tools. But a lot of it depends on the teachers that you have while attending college. Another thing many people get sucked into a not so reputable art school in the sales pitch they give you.

Because telling people how to be creative is easy, it’s only being it that’s difficult. – John Cleese

Creativity exists in many of us just not many know that we have it in ourselves or we do know we have it but we are just not using it like we should.

 1. Some tips about deciding what art school to attend. If you are thinking about attending school to become a graphic designer I high suggest looking at the school reviews online doing a simple search on google will help you turn up a lot of information.

2.  Search for videos on youtube of people talking about the school that you want to attend

3.  Look at the cost of the school from beginning till you graduate

4.  What is the graduation rate and job placement rate

5.   Look at the alumni and see what they are doing and if they’ve fulfilled what the school says they are capable of doing for students.

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  1. great advice and great quote to go along with it. Most Art schools (if they are JUST art schools) can be very expensive, whereas a lot of state universities have really good art or design programs for a fraction of the price. But, as you said, it all depends on the instructors.

    1. Thanks It still resonates with me till this day after I first heard it. A lot of art schools seem to be for profit more then anything. I know there are some reputable schools to go to I just wonder how the instructors are there.

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