Asking For free Stuff from a Designer/Artists Perspective

The person in the video who is an artists goes around asking for free stuff that is valuable. The video symbolizes that just because someone is a creative person does not mean that their skills are not valuable.


Avoiding Stupid Stuff as a creative person

As a creative person whether you are an artist, designer, or you do anything that requires creative thinking there’s tons of things that will take your attention.  There’s a lot of products, ads, videos that will grab you and take hold. The way that I have been able to avoid them and or take back control is a very simple thing.

The way that I used to get so lost in the things that do not matter is astounding. I was so lost in reading tons of blogs and looking at so much work that others have done. Not saying that stuff is stupid at all. The stupid thing is me spending time doing something that is not working in my favor. That habit is easy to  be learned.

When I gained control over knowing ok that’s enough time you’ve spent looking at work and reading blogs. The over exposure to being influenced can lead to you being demotivated and not having confidence. But maybe that will inspire you to continuously improve and learn to know what to do and not to do.

Other stupid things is to not be able to work with what you’ve got. Society has us thinking we have to have certain tools to be able to produce. The tools that you have you shouldn’t be a hindrance. Because once you gain the skills you need having better tools will only allow you to get better.

Avoid the stupid things of thinking you are not good enough. Well you know that I was not good enough. I was not good enough to be confident in my work. Then I was able to gain confident by posting my work daily on my instagram page. Once you gain the momentum and also finding friends who are into the same thing as you makes a difference. There is no need to feel you’re a lone wolf.

Avoid the stupid things of thinking followers and likes make the difference. The stupid thing of basing your worth on others does no good for you. The numbers do not make that big of a difference. I say that because I would rather have 10,000 followers 2000 devoted supporters compared to having 20,000 followers with 200 supporters.

There’s endless amount of stupid things you have to make the choice whether you will avoid them or not.

Going to Art School will not teach you how to be creative

   Many people get fooled into thinking that going to art school will help them become more creative. When actually art school will teach you how to use the tools. But a lot of it depends on the teachers that you have while attending college. Another thing many people get sucked into a not so reputable art school in the sales pitch they give you.

Because telling people how to be creative is easy, it’s only being it that’s difficult. – John Cleese

Creativity exists in many of us just not many know that we have it in ourselves or we do know we have it but we are just not using it like we should.

 1. Some tips about deciding what art school to attend. If you are thinking about attending school to become a graphic designer I high suggest looking at the school reviews online doing a simple search on google will help you turn up a lot of information.

2.  Search for videos on youtube of people talking about the school that you want to attend

3.  Look at the cost of the school from beginning till you graduate

4.  What is the graduation rate and job placement rate

5.   Look at the alumni and see what they are doing and if they’ve fulfilled what the school says they are capable of doing for students.

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