The Enemy of Creativity

The enemy of creativity is good taste. If you are a designer developing good taste can be something that seems impossible. Because when you are starting or it could be currently your situation of producing work that you know that is not at the level that it can be. Being creative is something that has to be disciplined and structured.

When your creativity is structured you are able to developed what good tastes is. The same thing can be applied to having a Honda or a Bentley. There you can see that the brand of each car details a certain level of taste. When you are designing you should look closely at the details of work that you drool over each day.

You know when you sit on behance or tumblr, instagram or wherever study the work. By study I mean to learn and look about what it is they did to come up with the design. While you are looking at the work start to look at placement of things and how they can work together.

Expect better quality of work from yourself and your work quality will improve.