How to Ruin Your brand Like Donald Trump

I’ll be the first to admit that I actually had a lot of respect for Donald. Learning about how he went from being bankrupt multiple times and etc until I found out that he inherited his money, but that’s a different topic.

Lately I have noticed how much Donald Trump has been ruining his own brand. For instance his rant on twitter is going to now make the whole world look at him even more different then they already do. The video he made asking the president to release his college records or something like that was just pathetic. Plus you can go to trumps youtube channel and you’ll see how much people like his videos from the ratings.


Being that you as an individual are a symbol of your brand lying to the people on national TV does not help your brand. For example Richard Branson is on CEO that I have a lot of respect for on how he and his team have created the virgin brand to be what it is today.

If You want to Ruin your Brand Like Donald Trump Follow this list

  1. Lie to the public
  2. Stir up controversy just to remain in the Public eye
  3. Let your ego get in the way


What are something that you have seen someone do to devalue a brand?