You are never too busy

There comes a time in our life that we use the excuse of not having enough time. I recently learned to use my time even more efficiently. One of the ways is by whenever I am watching a video or etc I sketch.

Just think of the time that you spend watching something and you are just sitting there doing nothing to help benefit you. I am not saying you have to do any of this. What I am saying is you have time. The main thing is you have to determine how you want to use the time.

The simple things that we can do to improve our skills is easy. But the most important thing is that its also easy not to do. I just recently started focusing more on sketching whenever I get the chance. I had to be honest with myself that I was lacking in the aspect of sketching and or I was tired of my working looking all the same.

Be honest with your skills and where you are currently. Remember that the people who are who you aspire to be constantly work on their craft and skills. Time and consistent practice is what matters. If you are talented you will fail if you are not skilled.


Taking a creative Break

Taking a creative break is not a bad thing to do at all. I from time to time take creative breaks. The reason is because I do not want to start hating what I do. When I am working on something and If I feel I am forcing myself to do the work I stop. Because then I feel I would not be producing my best work.

When I work on a project I am focused 110% and I will not stop till I am done. Doing project after project can wear you out and bore you. A lot of people may be thinking take a break? What is that or do you mean take a vacation? You could set a certain of the week when you are not going to do any work. The day will be your day off.

Another thing is that you could have a queue of work that is stacked up. Having a queue of work gives you freedom to take a break. The secret is being great with managing the time that you have set out.

Why I will not follow you on social media

Time and time again we are hounded by those who are just looking to seem important online. whether it’s twitter, instagram or wherever. The things that I learned quickly are your followers don’t matter if they are ignoring you. Also if you are not talking to them. Another thing is those who play the follow and unfollow game.

I don’t like to give someone my like or follow whom I do not feel inspired by. With that said if you are following someone who you would not actually have a conversation with you may want to rethink your social media use. On instagram I see time and time again people who have private profiles just to get followers.

Some other reasons why I will not follow you is because your not interesting to me or I did follow you before and you got boring. I am sure I have gotten boring to some people or I may not have. I always focus on reinventing myself each day. Because if you know what to expect from me.

Learn to appreciate your followers and remember that they are people just like you and me. So remember to appreciate your followers. Because if you don’t eventually they will unfollow and disappear.

Why I do not tweet as much anymore



Before with twitter I would constantly be tweeting. Then after realizing that I am not providing valuable with those whom are following me. Also realizing how much time I am wasting posting uselessness. The first thing that I asked myself who cares about what I am posting.

So therefore I use buffer and it posts articles related to what I am interested in and those whom are following me. Because I am a graphic designer and interested in various other things. So those who follow me can expect that from me. Another thing is using that tool allows my account to not go stale. By going stale meaning not being noticed and active by my followers.

Go through your timeline and think of the various things you’ve tweeted and ask yourself who really gives a damn about this besides me? There are certain things that you can say to hold yourself publicly accountable. For example I tweet whenever I am doing insanity to be held accountable publicly and let others know that its possible to finish it. Because just think of how much we sit on our asses compared to other professions.

Remember think before you tweet and spend your time more wisely.

Being Addicted to Stats

Being addicted to stats is a thing that is not healthy. Another thing is likes on instagram and other social networks. Because we want our stuff to get seen and appreciated. At first I did not know how to deal with people not liking my work. Then I had a reality check along the lines of why I actually posted my work there in the first place.

At times I post stuff on instagram for example and it does not get likes as I expected it would. But you know what? I don’t get discouraged. Because I let my passion keep me going. If your just doing something for a like or just to get noticed sooner or later you will fizzle out. By fizzling out I mean you’ll end up quitting.

These blog posts I do not get any monetary reward from them. I do enjoy writing them for you to read. Also I enjoy sharing my experiences and helping other designers. Because at times that can seem hard to come by someone who is willing to do that. Another stat addiction was the statistics for this website.

I would constantly check which sections people were visiting, which are my top posts and etc. When the stats are not important as they seem. I mean they are good but to not solely rely on them. Because if you are writing or doing whatever based on stats its not natural and authentic. So do your best to not get caught up in the data aspects of things. Because you seem people with 1000’s of followers on instagram and their pictures have very few likes as a good example.


The effects of mismanaging time

Whenever we wake up sometimes we do whatever. Or we do the normal schedule wake up, eat breakfast,shower, drive to work, work our hours and then come home. Then we eat dinner, watch a little TV and then go to bed. In those hours that we are awake how many of them are we actually using productively.

When I say productively how are they being used to help us to do more then exist. Because I personally am not going to let time go to waste. When I am watching a documentary or movie or taking a break from the computer I am always doing something. Whether its liking photos on instagram and seeking inspiration from whatever its for a reason.

The reason makes everything fall into place. This may sound like over working well to some it may and to some it may not. You have to get a handle on your time. Because there is not an unlimited amount of time you will get in your life. It may seem as if that is true currently in your life. But in all reality we are not put here to stay whether you want to believe it or not.

When you just waste a day you are setting yourself back. By setting yourself back you are letting the necessary take a back seat. Because you and me both know that there are things that you need to be doing or that you want to do. As a result of you wasting time you have no idea when you will start or even finish them.

Once you get a system going this can even be writing down your daily schedule or writing a to do list for the day. When you write off or delete the things you do its a great feeling and you will feel a sense of accomplishment for the day. So I will leave you with this

Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends.” – William Shakespeare