Why I will not follow you on social media

Time and time again we are hounded by those who are just looking to seem important online. whether it’s twitter, instagram or wherever. The things that I learned quickly are your followers don’t matter if they are ignoring you. Also if you are not talking to them. Another thing is those who play the follow and unfollow game.

I don’t like to give someone my like or follow whom I do not feel inspired by. With that said if you are following someone who you would not actually have a conversation with you may want to rethink your social media use. On instagram I see time and time again people who have private profiles just to get followers.

Some other reasons why I will not follow you is because your not interesting to me or I did follow you before and you got boring. I am sure I have gotten boring to some people or I may not have. I always focus on reinventing myself each day. Because if you know what to expect from me.

Learn to appreciate your followers and remember that they are people just like you and me. So remember to appreciate your followers. Because if you don’t eventually they will unfollow and disappear.