Why I do not tweet as much anymore



Before with twitter I would constantly be tweeting. Then after realizing that I am not providing valuable with those whom are following me. Also realizing how much time I am wasting posting uselessness. The first thing that I asked myself who cares about what I am posting.

So therefore I use buffer and it posts articles related to what I am interested in and those whom are following me. Because I am a graphic designer and interested in various other things. So those who follow me can expect that from me. Another thing is using that tool allows my account to not go stale. By going stale meaning not being noticed and active by my followers.

Go through your timeline and think of the various things you’ve tweeted and ask yourself who really gives a damn about this besides me? There are certain things that you can say to hold yourself publicly accountable. For example I tweet whenever I am doing insanity to be held accountable publicly and let others know that its possible to finish it. Because just think of how much we sit on our asses compared to other professions.

Remember think before you tweet and spend your time more wisely.