Being Addicted to Stats

Being addicted to stats is a thing that is not healthy. Another thing is likes on instagram and other social networks. Because we want our stuff to get seen and appreciated. At first I did not know how to deal with people not liking my work. Then I had a reality check along the lines of why I actually posted my work there in the first place.

At times I post stuff on instagram for example and it does not get likes as I expected it would. But you know what? I don’t get discouraged. Because I let my passion keep me going. If your just doing something for a like or just to get noticed sooner or later you will fizzle out. By fizzling out I mean you’ll end up quitting.

These blog posts I do not get any monetary reward from them. I do enjoy writing them for you to read. Also I enjoy sharing my experiences and helping other designers. Because at times that can seem hard to come by someone who is willing to do that. Another stat addiction was the statistics for this website.

I would constantly check which sections people were visiting, which are my top posts and etc. When the stats are not important as they seem. I mean they are good but to not solely rely on them. Because if you are writing or doing whatever based on stats its not natural and authentic. So do your best to not get caught up in the data aspects of things. Because you seem people with 1000’s of followers on instagram and their pictures have very few likes as a good example.