Taking a creative Break

Taking a creative break is not a bad thing to do at all. I from time to time take creative breaks. The reason is because I do not want to start hating what I do. When I am working on something and If I feel I am forcing myself to do the work I stop. Because then I feel I would not be producing my best work.

When I work on a project I am focused 110% and I will not stop till I am done. Doing project after project can wear you out and bore you. A lot of people may be thinking take a break? What is that or do you mean take a vacation? You could set a certain of the week when you are not going to do any work. The day will be your day off.

Another thing is that you could have a queue of work that is stacked up. Having a queue of work gives you freedom to take a break. The secret is being great with managing the time that you have set out.