The effects of mismanaging time

Whenever we wake up sometimes we do whatever. Or we do the normal schedule wake up, eat breakfast,shower, drive to work, work our hours and then come home. Then we eat dinner, watch a little TV and then go to bed. In those hours that we are awake how many of them are we actually using productively.

When I say productively how are they being used to help us to do more then exist. Because I personally am not going to let time go to waste. When I am watching a documentary or movie or taking a break from the computer I am always doing something. Whether its liking photos on instagram and seeking inspiration from whatever its for a reason.

The reason makes everything fall into place. This may sound like over working well to some it may and to some it may not. You have to get a handle on your time. Because there is not an unlimited amount of time you will get in your life. It may seem as if that is true currently in your life. But in all reality we are not put here to stay whether you want to believe it or not.

When you just waste a day you are setting yourself back. By setting yourself back you are letting the necessary take a back seat. Because you and me both know that there are things that you need to be doing or that you want to do. As a result of you wasting time you have no idea when you will start or even finish them.

Once you get a system going this can even be writing down your daily schedule or writing a to do list for the day. When you write off or delete the things you do its a great feeling and you will feel a sense of accomplishment for the day. So I will leave you with this

Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends.” – William Shakespeare