What is a Snapchat geofilter and how to submit it to Snapchat

I first learned about Snapchat Filters from Gary Vaynerchuk. What I have been doing since late last December was creating Community geofilters. Community Geofilters for snapchat are ones that are based on your location. Also they are free and ones that live forever within the app.

Knowing that many people are using something that you created is a great feeling. Also when you submit a geofilter to Snapchat there are guidelines that Snapchat has. The guidelines are not difficult at all. Also you want your artwork to be original meaning no logos, and etc. YOU have to be the one who has created it.

I have experienced rejection on filters I have submitted. Then after looking at them I had to be honest and thought deep about why it was rejected. After doing that I came to an understanding after a few minutes.

snapchat stats

These are my stats for the Community Geofilters that I have live on snapchat. The places that I have Community Geofilters live are places here in South Florida.  The program that I use is illustrator to vector my work. Because everything I have submitted is custom and hand drawn.

If you have the skills I definitely recommend creating a community geofilter for snapchat.
















You are never too busy

There comes a time in our life that we use the excuse of not having enough time. I recently learned to use my time even more efficiently. One of the ways is by whenever I am watching a video or etc I sketch.

Just think of the time that you spend watching something and you are just sitting there doing nothing to help benefit you. I am not saying you have to do any of this. What I am saying is you have time. The main thing is you have to determine how you want to use the time.

The simple things that we can do to improve our skills is easy. But the most important thing is that its also easy not to do. I just recently started focusing more on sketching whenever I get the chance. I had to be honest with myself that I was lacking in the aspect of sketching and or I was tired of my working looking all the same.

Be honest with your skills and where you are currently. Remember that the people who are who you aspire to be constantly work on their craft and skills. Time and consistent practice is what matters. If you are talented you will fail if you are not skilled.

How to critique Calligraphy work

Critiquing calligraphy is something that I feel is learned by more practice. Also learning how to see little details of you work better with each piece. One major thing is learning how to see different angles that your pen should be at while constructing each letter.

Another thing is being able to see the spacing that is needed between each letter. Because if you are writing a word and the letters are crashing into each other it will not be a solid piece. This video is part one of a two part series of me explaining how to critique calligraphy work.