A Real Loser is

A Real Loser is someone who knows how to win but chooses not to.

This a quote from Andy Frisella. I was watching instagram stories and he had this on one of his clips. I will have to say it hit home. Because I thought of the times in my life when I was skateboarding, and there were tricks I knew I could land but I just didn’t give it my all. I was giving it about 90% and I knew I could land the trick.

But guess what I didn’t land the trick and I knew exactly how to land it. There are many things like that in our life and choices we make. The time is never too late to make the change.


Why Do Things Go Viral?

I recently found out about the book from Jonah Berger and I am so excited to read it. While I was on youtube and searching google for books that Nipsey Hussle has read he mentioned Contagious why things catch on by Jonah Berger.

Me being the type of person who enjoys reading I ordered the book right away. Because I like to read books that will provide value to me. Also I will most likely learn something new from reading the book that I had no idea about.


Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Simply saying if you do not make the simple change needed then nothing will change for you. This goes for you slacking off and not doing things you know you should be doing. Instead of doing them you’ve grown used to not doing them. We have these grand ideas for what we want to achieve and do in our lives, but we tend to take the easy path. The easy path is a routine that we have gotten used to doing day by day. This is one thing I’ve noticed about myself and I’ve been pushing myself to do things that I used to do but let fall to the side. Really in a sense of getting back to what I did early in my design career and how wide eyed I was with everything , working on design project and etc. Calligraphy is such a wonderful thing and I love having connected with so many of you and thank you all for supporting me as well as purchasing products and as simple as clicking the link and seeing what I have. I’m forever grateful 🙏🏾. Thank you and now let’s continue this journey.

Chase Dreams not People

In our life we tend to end up chasing people instead of our dreams. I for one fell into the trap of chasing people more than my actual dreams. But once I stopped chasing people and refocused my vision on chasing my dreams I became more focused on my goals.

The people that we want and need in our life will come and stay. Once I learned this I stopped chasing those people who wanted to leave and not be involved with me anymore. A great example is the feeling you get when someone deletes you off of snapchat and or unfollows you on instagram,twitter for example.

Because wanting that human connection with someone else can be a need that we need to constantly feel. But if you are needing and or wanting the wrong thing it can end up being the wrong thing  for you. Just think if you focused on your goals as a creative and or person in general how much more beneficial will that be for you?

Avoiding Stupid Stuff as a creative person

As a creative person whether you are an artist, designer, or you do anything that requires creative thinking there’s tons of things that will take your attention.  There’s a lot of products, ads, videos that will grab you and take hold. The way that I have been able to avoid them and or take back control is a very simple thing.

The way that I used to get so lost in the things that do not matter is astounding. I was so lost in reading tons of blogs and looking at so much work that others have done. Not saying that stuff is stupid at all. The stupid thing is me spending time doing something that is not working in my favor. That habit is easy to  be learned.

When I gained control over knowing ok that’s enough time you’ve spent looking at work and reading blogs. The over exposure to being influenced can lead to you being demotivated and not having confidence. But maybe that will inspire you to continuously improve and learn to know what to do and not to do.

Other stupid things is to not be able to work with what you’ve got. Society has us thinking we have to have certain tools to be able to produce. The tools that you have you shouldn’t be a hindrance. Because once you gain the skills you need having better tools will only allow you to get better.

Avoid the stupid things of thinking you are not good enough. Well you know that I was not good enough. I was not good enough to be confident in my work. Then I was able to gain confident by posting my work daily on my instagram page. Once you gain the momentum and also finding friends who are into the same thing as you makes a difference. There is no need to feel you’re a lone wolf.

Avoid the stupid things of thinking followers and likes make the difference. The stupid thing of basing your worth on others does no good for you. The numbers do not make that big of a difference. I say that because I would rather have 10,000 followers 2000 devoted supporters compared to having 20,000 followers with 200 supporters.

There’s endless amount of stupid things you have to make the choice whether you will avoid them or not.

How to get better at calligraphy and brush pen lettering

Ever since I started learning calligraphy I learned one secret. The best way to get better it is to practice daily. The same thing can be applied to many other things. Because the daily practice no matter how long it is will help you improve much faster.

There were many days I felt as if I was not improving and or all of my work was starting to look the same. One of the main reasons i’d say was because of how I was practicing and studying. There are many ways you can improve in any field.

You have to practice and study. By study I mean you have to look at what others around you are doing. Because if you have no idea what they are doing then how will you know what to aim for. Another thing is remembering practicing is good, but if you are not focused while practicing you will waste time.

The aspect of having a dedicated time of focused practice no matter how long will make the difference. Because if you want to practice writing calligraphy, but you are trying to multi task and or you’re being interrupted you will most likely not have great results. Being able to block out all distractions and etc will help you.

Practicing calligraphy daily will motivate you to want to get better each day. One of the main things is to learn the basics first before trying advanced techniques.