The Journey is Everything


Believe in yourself more than anyone else

Learning as a creative person you have to believe in yourself more than anyone else. This is definitely a requirement that helps you get through the rejection letters. The rejection letters that are pre-written and say the usual “we’ve decided to proceed with a different candiate”. I do not let those demotivate me.

Instead of getting upset by them I don’t really care who turns me down. The reason is because I learned that I do have the ability to go beyond, what the person who sees my resume sees. I also had to take back the power of those people whom we’d think are in charge of our careers.

The best thing to realize that you are in charge of your career. Then you have to be willing to be honest with yourself. Also being willing to go through what you have to do what it is that you want. Believe me creating youtube videos, writing blog posts, running an etsy shop are not easy. As well as posting daily to instagram.

The way how I am able to do these things without getting burnt out is that I enjoy them. Also knowing that I know what it takes and that it takes time has helped me. Believing in yourself is not something that comes overnight and never will.

Each day is more of a test on yourself and if you can believe in yourself and or sit around and waste time. Doing things that you enjoy repeatedly can become habitual and easy. If you are going through a creative block take time to realize why you are in one and then what fires you up.

So with all of this said please do your best to not let anyone believe in you more than yourself. As a creative individual and or a business person stop being scared and just go for it. Whatever it is that you want to go for, do it the smart way. Don’t make the mistake of putting yourself in a bad situation. An example of being at a job that is ok for you and then just deciding one day, “I’m done and I quit”.

Then with making that choice you will put yourself in a tough situation and starve yourself of the needed mental clearness. I’m not saying doing that is a bad thing. More so to be more strategic with your plans you make.

A Real Loser is

A Real Loser is someone who knows how to win but chooses not to.

This a quote from Andy Frisella. I was watching instagram stories and he had this on one of his clips. I will have to say it hit home. Because I thought of the times in my life when I was skateboarding, and there were tricks I knew I could land but I just didn’t give it my all. I was giving it about 90% and I knew I could land the trick.

But guess what I didn’t land the trick and I knew exactly how to land it. There are many things like that in our life and choices we make. The time is never too late to make the change.

Why Do Things Go Viral?

I recently found out about the book from Jonah Berger and I am so excited to read it. While I was on youtube and searching google for books that Nipsey Hussle has read he mentioned Contagious why things catch on by Jonah Berger.

Me being the type of person who enjoys reading I ordered the book right away. Because I like to read books that will provide value to me. Also I will most likely learn something new from reading the book that I had no idea about.


Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Simply saying if you do not make the simple change needed then nothing will change for you. This goes for you slacking off and not doing things you know you should be doing. Instead of doing them you’ve grown used to not doing them. We have these grand ideas for what we want to achieve and do in our lives, but we tend to take the easy path. The easy path is a routine that we have gotten used to doing day by day. This is one thing I’ve noticed about myself and I’ve been pushing myself to do things that I used to do but let fall to the side. Really in a sense of getting back to what I did early in my design career and how wide eyed I was with everything , working on design project and etc. Calligraphy is such a wonderful thing and I love having connected with so many of you and thank you all for supporting me as well as purchasing products and as simple as clicking the link and seeing what I have. I’m forever grateful 🙏🏾. Thank you and now let’s continue this journey.